07.20.11 — Royal Flush


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Puzzle by Peter A. Collins / Edited by Will Shortz

A note accompanies this winning Wednesday crossword: “When this puzzle is done, you will find that the ends of the answers to the five starred clues, when in the 15-/67-Across, comprise a 1-/71-Across.”   The result is a ROYAL / FLUSH (1A and 71A. [See blurb]), with the ten, jack, queen, king and ace contained within BIG TEN (20A. *Midwest conference), FLAPJACK (22A. * Pancake), THE AFRICAN QUEEN (39A. *1951 Bogart-Hepburn film), ALAN KING (56A. *Billy Crystal’s “Memories of Me” co-star) and AIR ACE (59A. *Shooting star?), and, of course, all in the SAME / SUIT (15A and 67A. [See blurb]).

Other — ADELPHI (25A. Long Island university), ASHANTI (50A. One-named female singer with the 2002 #1 hit “Foolish”), BANK IN, HAJJIS, HISS AT, ORGANISMS (33A. Creatures), SIGOURNEY (44A. Weaver of tales on the big screen), SERAPH, THIRST.

Short stuff — ACTI, AGEE and AGES, AFAR and AJAR, ANTI, “… some kind of A NUT?”, AREA and ARMA, ASA and ASK, BAA and BAL, EGO, ERIN, GERM, HAIR, IER, IMAC, INF, “It IS OF no concern“, “IT’S not my fault“, JEAN, JUNK, Lovers’ LANE, LUCE, MCI, MTS, OTIC, PHI, QUI, RANK, “Keep it REAL“, REIN, RHEO, ROAM, SAME, SEEN, SUIT, TKOS, TONY, URN.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 6. Grows old; 10. “Easy to Be Hard” musical; 14. Boxing locale; 16. First word of the “Aeneid”; 17. Requested gift in “A Christmas Story”; 18. From a distance; 19. Shepherd who co-wrote “A Christmas Story”; 27. Wait; 29. Show disdain for, in a way; 38. A star may have a big one; 44. Suffix with front; 45. Warfare; 49. Limerick’s land; 53. French dance, 62. Kind of mail; 63. Wander; 66. When the nude scene occurs in 10-Across; 68. Hall’s partner in pop music; 69. Dancer’s strap?; 70. Ring results, briefly. — DOWN: 1. One of three people walking into a bar, in jokes; 2. Go around; 6. Simile’s center; 7. Faux pas; 9. One of the highest order of angels; 10. Pilgrims to Mecca; 11. Domain; 12. Computer that once came in Bondi Blue; 13. Captain, for one; 21. Low point; 23. Greek symbol for the golden ratio; 46. Lucy’s husband and son; 27. Sheep’s sound; 28. Like Beethoven’s Symphony No. 8; 30. Spotted; 31. James who co-wrote the script for 39-Across; 32. Playwright’s prize; 33. Ear-related; 34. Prefix with -stat; 35. It might make you sick; 36. Former telecom giant; 37. Bob of “Full House”; 41. “___ transtulit sustinet” (motto of Connecticut); 42. Coffee container; 46. Shoot off the backboard successfully; 47. Pop a question; 52. Mystery writer Marsh; 53. Zulu, e.g.; 54. Dermatologists’ concerns; 55. Dog restraint; 56. Cracked; 57. Time found Henry; 58. Opposed to; 64. Peaks: Abbr.

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