07.08.11 — Twists and Turns


Friday, July 8, 2011

Puzzle by Brendan Emmett Quigley / Edited by Will Shortz

Sixes and sevens dominate this rather unfriendly Friday crossword providing a wide variety of content and interesting twists and turns 'tween clues and answers.

Across — 1. Like some nationalism, PAN-ARAB; 8. Fruit-filled snack, JAM TART; 15. 30°, for 0.5, ARCSINE; 16. Hoards, AMASSES; 17. Crystal-rubbing type, NEWAGER; 18. Gets by, MAKES DO; 19. The great Gatsby, JAY; 20. Tall bloomer with candelabra-shaped branches, SAGUARO; 22. One of two opposing forces, YIN; 23. A.M.A. member?: Abbr., AMER; 25. Fix, as a bowline, RETIE; 26. What some performers lip-sync in, DRAG; 27. Shower scenes?, BATHS; 29. Córdoba’s land: Abbr., NIC; 30. The Pearl Fishers” soprano, LEILA; 31. Droid’s rival, IPHONE; 33. School paper a student shouldn’t write himself, LATE PASS; 35. They deliver, MOMS; 37. One taking a pounding, NAIL; 38. Footballer who co-starred in “The Dirty Dozen”, JIM BROWN; 42. Winter fishing aid, ICE SAW; 46. Has left the office, e.g., IS OUT; 47. Prefix with sensitive, ECO; 49. Breakout company, ATARI; 50. Telecom hookups, LANS; 51. Flock members, LAICS; 53. Frugivorous creatures of sci-fi, ELOI; 54. Knight who hosts a country music show, LIA; 55. Soprano Josephine BARSTOW; 57. Plus exercise, SUM; 58. They’re often flashed, ID CARDS; 60. Amontillado’s darker relative, OLOROSO; 62. Cutting down, ON A DIET; 63. Barely touched, as a meal, POKED AT; 64. Plus or minus, NONZERO; 65. Commensurate, IN SCALE.

Down — 1. Most spoken language in Pakistan, PANJABI; 2. Hostel handout, AREA MAP; 3. “Mowing” painter, 1907, N C WYETH; 4. “AS A precaution …”; 5. Hard-to-park vehicles, RIGS; 6. Close, once, ANEAR; 7. Norway’s second-largest city, BERGEN; 8. Many a dreaded native?, JAMAICAN; 9. To love, Italian-style, AMARE; 10. “Shortfin” or “Longfin” fish, MAKO; 11. 24th Russian letter, TSE; 12. Old Fertile Crescent land, ASSYRIA; 13. Tries to get through anew, REDIALS; 14. Whom Kerry succeeded in the U.S. Senate, TSONGAS; 21. Sewage co., e.g., UTIL; 24. Yellow feature o f Brazil’s flag, RHOMBUS; 26. Drain, DEPLETE; 28. Bull’s sound, SNORT; 30. Big name in lenses, LEICA; 32. Alternative style to goth, EMO; 34. TAI sabaki (martial arts movement), 36. Certifies, SWEARS TO; 38. Imaginary number?, JILLION; 39. Emphatic refusal, I SAID NO; 40. Dweller around Port Hercules, MONACAN; 41. Show with a “Los Angeles” spinoff, NCIS; 43. Stain-removing stuff, SAL SODA; 44. Kinsey Institute subject, AROUSAL; 45. Modern-day video game controller, WII MOTE; 48. Ink jet producers?, OCTOPI; 51. Dockworker, LADER; 52. One of the Seven Sages of Greece, SOLON; 55. Cracker topper, BRIE; 56. Vessels seen over fires, WOKS; 59. Shop dresser, ADZ; 61. Abbr. next to a blinking light on a camcorder, REC.


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