07.16.11 — Saturday Salmagundi

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

A salmagundi full of interesting content greets the solver of this slyly-clued Saturday crossword.

Across — 1. Mechanisms not meant to be handled, PEDALS; 7. I.B.M. processor type found in Nintendo’s Wii, POWER PC; 14. Cheap T-shirt feature, IRON-ON; 15. Fly on a line, PARASAIL; 16. Chinese tree considered a living fossil, GINKGO; 17. Sponsor of old radio’s “Little Orphan Annie”, OVALTINE; 18. Man-made habitat, SEALAB; 19. Possibly a result of, LINKED TO; 20. A, in the hexadecimal number system, TEN; 21. Coattail riders, HANGERS-ON; 22. One drawn to igloos, SLED; 24. Swinging, say, HINGED; 25. It’s shown to a caller, HOLE CARD; 27. Thus far, TO DATE; 32. Not working, ON LEAVE; 33. Big ox, BRUISER; 34. Its first issue featured Mia Farrow on the cover, PEOPLE; 35. Shakespeare’s collaborator on “The Two Noble Kinsmen”, FLETCHER; 36. One way to fall, IN LOVE; 38. TESS Ocean, Julia Roberts’s “Ocean’s Eleven” role; 39. Like some short-lived romances, SHIPBOARD; 43. Place to wash up, LAV; 44. Follower of St. Francis, MINORITE; 45. Recurring subjects, MOTIFS; 48. Some software purchases, UPGRADES; 49. His statue once graced the Cortile del Belvedere, APOLLO; 50. Unscientific means of getting results, SPOT TEST; 51. Literary character fathered by an incubus, MERLIN; 52. Uncomfortable place to be, HOT SEAT; 53. Bank statement data, ASSETS.

Down — 1. Litter producers, in two different senses, PIGS; 2. Ontario’s Fort ERIE; 3. Famous relief worker?, DONATELLO; 4. Like the water in inflatable kiddie pools, typically, ANKLE DEEP; 5. Wolverine’s alias in “X-Men”, LOGAN; 6. “He who meanly admires mean things,” per Thackeray, SNOB; 7. Covering a lot, PAVING; 8. Target of a mealybug, ORANGE TREE; 9. Clearly didn’t enjoy the show, WALKED OUT; 10. Dimethyl sulfate, for one, ESTER; 11. Busts, RAIDS; 12. Sporting a coat of many colors, PINTO; 13. Political rival of Pericles, CLEON; 15. Where Samuel Goldwyn was born, POLAND; 21. Engage, HIRE; 22. Class of tools?, SHOP; 23. Isolated, LONE; 24. Be completely clueless, HAVE NO IDEA; 26. Ensure an accurate reading of, CALIBRATE; 28. Their word is law, DICTATORS; 29. Home of the Biltmore Estate, ASHEVILLE; 30. Inexpensive pro shop buys, TEES; 31. Makes a bad call, ERRS; 33. Road map abbr., BLVD; 35. Green acres, FOREST; 37. Current, LATEST; 39. Flatten, SMUSH; 40. Gloria in “Madagascar,” e.g., HIPPO; 41. Product of a mold, INGOT; 42. Destinations for some wires, PORTS; 43. Leisurely gaits, LOPES; 45. “Baby MAMA” (2008 comedy); 46. Dart along, FLIT; 47. Pearl S. Buck’s sequel to “The Good Earth”, SONS.


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