11.21.11 — Eye Tunes

Monday, November 21, 2011

Puzzle by Peter A. Collins / Edited by Will Shortz

iTUNES (67A. Where to find the songs in this grid … or an appropriate title for this puzzle?), BEHIND / BLUE / EYES (1A. With 10- and 65-Across, 1971 hit by the Who), BROWN-EYED GIRL (28A. 1967 hit by Van Morrison) and GREEN-EYED LADY (44A. 1970 hit by Sugarloaf) constitutes the interrelated group of this fine Monday crossword.

Other — AREA RUG (48A. Floor cover that doesn’t reach the walls), CAREENS (27A. Turns at high speed), CD PLAYER (27D. Phonograph successor), LOTTE LENYA (11D. Actress married to Kurt Weill), ORANGE TREE (30D. Part of a Florida orchard), REUNITE (42D. What the Beatles never did), TEA BAGS (9D. Packets from Twinings of London, e.g.), VOYAGING (22D. Taking a long trip at sea).

Mid-size — ABASE, ADAGIO, APNEA, BATMAN (51A. Who said “The joke‘s on you, Riddler!”), BIGOTS, BOY TOY (23A. Older woman‘s plaything, in slang), BRAYER, DOSAGE, ELATE, ESPYS, ET ALIA, INANE, IN ON IT, ITUNES, LAYER, LOYOLA, RAINY, RAMSES (45D. One of 11 Egyptian pharaohs), RERAN, UNION.

Short stuff — ACE, AIRS, ALDA, “I cannot tell A LIE“, ALPS, ANNE, “Take A TIP from me!”, Pennsylvania AVE, BABE, BAR, BONN, BRIT, EDIT, ELY, ENG, ERA, ETS and ETAS, FOXY, FRA, GAL, GARY (36D. Indiana city on Lake Michigan), HAGS, ICE, “Can I GO now?”, IMO, MEL, NEA, NEED, NIT, ONT, “… OR I quit!“, PALS, RATS, RENO, RITA, RONS, SAGO palm, SNEE, SWAN, TEX-Mex, TON, YOU, ZANE, ZIT.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 7. Bit of acne, slangily; 14. Slowly, on a musical score; 15. Pitching whiz; 16. Hollywood’s Howard and Perlman; 17. Haters; 18. Teachers’ org.; 20. SAT org.; 21. Pennsylvania ___ (White House locale: Abbr.); 32. Broadcast again; 33. Peaks for yodelers; 34. Where London is: Abbr.; 37. Ridiculous; 38. Guy’s date; 39. Sleep problem; 41. Boatload; 42. Funnywoman Rudner; 43. Stratum; 50. Greek H’s; 52. ___ diavolo (spicy sauce); 53. Legal profession; 56. Snobs put them on; 57. “I would say …,” in text messages; 59. Chicago university; 62. Old dagger; 64. Part of the conspiracy; 66. Cathedral town near Cambridge. — 1. Jesus in the manger, e.g.; 2. Change, as text; 3. Crones; 5. Annual coll. Hoops contest; 6. Medicine amount; 7. Western writer Grey; 8. Winter sculpture medium; 10. Donkey, often; 12. The “U” of U.S.S.R.; 13. TV sports awards; 25. Pond swimmer; 26. One of two wives of Henry VIII; 28. London native, informally; 29. Gambling mecca; 31. Delight; 35. Scholarship basis; 39. “M*A*S*H” star; 40. Buddies; 46. Historical stretch; 47. Latin list ender; 48. Humiliate; 49. Puddle-producing; 52. Clever; 53. Capital of West Germany; 55. “Darn!”; 58. Funnyman Brooks; 60. Province next to Que.; 61. Whom Uncle Sam wants.

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