11.26.11 — Saturday Soup


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Puzzle by Brad Wilber / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. What might unfold when you have guests, CHAIRBED; 9. Area, SPHERE; 15. Target of criticism in Vincent Bugliosi’s 1996 book “Outrage”, LANCE ITO; 16. Singer of the #1 country hit “Forever and Ever, Amen”, TRAVIS; 17. Sambuca flavorers, ANISEEDS; 18. Two of the three gifts of the Magi, RESINS; 19. “The Mod Squad” studio MGM; 20. Some discount beneficiaries: SRS; 21. Swarm, BESIEGE; 22. Traffic jam din, BLARES; 24. Burmese, e.g., BREED; 25. They’re filled before shooting, ROLES; 26. Unlikely hoarder, NEATNIK; 28. Rich, in slang, OOFY; 29. 18th-century London political/literary establishment, KIT-CAT CLUB; 32. Airport inits., TSA; 33. Big nothings, CIPHERS; 34. Suffix in the world of collectibles, ANA; 35. “Whipped Cream & Other Delights”, HERB ALPERT; 37. Answer that’s an example of itself, ABBR.; 38. Ghosts often work on them, MEMOIRS; 39. Rural call, BLEAT; 40. Teegarden of TV’s “Friday Night Lights”, AIMEE; 41. Company that introduced Dramamine, SEARLE; 42. Brickyard legend, AL UNSER; 45. Half-CAF (coffee order);46. Natl. Blood Donor Month, JAN; 47. Bouillabaisse fish, TURBOT; 48. Plane for a space cadet?, LA LA LAND; 50A. Reduced, ON SALE; 51. Show a milky shimmer, OPALESCE; 52. Under quota, say, MEAGER; 53. Purveyor of some sour grapes?, BAD LOSER.

Down — 1. Bouillabaisse base, sometimes, CLAM BROTH; 2. Not stress out, HANG LOOSE; 3. Napoleon is a commander in it, ANIMAL FARM; 4. Suffix with 42-Down; 5. Candy brand, REESES; 6. Stands for viewings, BIERS; 7. Some itinerary data, briefly, ETDS; 8. Heading for the first of two columns, DOS; 9. Works vulnerable to rain; STREET ART; 10. Group sitting under a tree, PRESENTS; 11. Like some Jewish dynasties, HASIDIC; 12. One of the Wilcoxes in “Howard’s End”, EVIE; 13. Nuptial need, RING; 14. Ab ESSE (absent: Lat.); 21. Shots, e.g., BRACERS; 23. Wearer of una corona, REY; 24. Invitation exhortation, BE THERE; 26. Like winter, vis-à-vis fall, NIPPIER; 27. Trick-taking game, KLABBERJASS; 29. One of about five in a league, KILOMETER; 30. Derange, UNBALANCE; 31. One making the rounds, BARTENDER; 33. Knickers go-with, CAMISOLE; 36. Ashtray base, perhaps, BEAN BAG; 37. Resembling, ALA; 39. Happen to, BEFALL; 41. Mélange, SALAD; 42. Small building block, ATOM; 43. Figure in plane geometry, LUNE; 44. Bear aloft?, URSA; 45. Bullfighting cloak, CAPA; 48. Tactic against a net rusher, LOB; 49. Fender of Fender guitars, LEO.


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