11.12.11 — The Saturday Crossword

Manhattan in 1966, when smog engulfed the city.
Neal Boenzi, The New York Times


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Musical great whose grave went unmarked for nearly 150 years, J S BACH; 7. Bombing, e.g., ACT OF WAR; 15. Pôrto ALEGRE, Brazil; 16. One whose crush was caped, LOIS LANE; 17. Frank, WIENER; 18. Player of the evil Blofeld in “Never Say Never Again”, VON SYDOW; 19. Make more efficient, STREAMLINE; 21. All-inclusive, WIDE; 22. All targets, STAINS; 23. Troubled, BESET; 24. Pulitzer-winning sports reporter Berkow, IRA; 27. Sight-seeing need in Spain?, OJO; 28. What a weaver may be guilty of, briefly, DUI; 29. Inner city, e.g., CONCRETE JUNGLE; 35. Words of betrayal, ET TU; 36. Cheese STEAK; 37. Eat, HAVE; 39. 495, CAPITAL BELTWAY; 42. It’s cut and dried, HAY; 43. One often seen in drag, BOA; 44. Dir. From Gramercy Park to Central Park, NNE; 45. Stage part, APRON; 48. One side in a 1960s civil war, BIAFRA; 51. Record producer Talmy SHEL; 52. People who see what you’re saying?, LIP READERS; 56. Didn’t approve, SAID NO TO; 58. Some dishwashers, AMANAS; 59. Prescription proviso, AS NEEDED; 60. Herald, RING IN; 61. Quaint introduction, DEAR SIRS; 62. Picks up, LEARNS.

Francisco Guilledo 

Down — 1. Awesome parts of a Museum of Natural History display, JAWS; 2. Cut, SLIT; 3. See 24-Down, BEER; 4. Georgia’s AGNES Scott College; 5. Tyra Banks, vis-à-vis “America’s Next Top Model”, CREATOR; 6. Lead-in to some royal names, HER MAJESTY; 7. All-Star Dark of the 1950s Giants, ALVIN; 8. Masked scavengers, COONS; 9. Sticker on a plate, TINE; 10. “Inglourious Basterds” org., OSS; 11. Boxing class, FLYWEIGHT; 12. Relatives of arroyos, WADIS; 13. Part of an ignitron, ANODE; 14. Keep from drying out, REWET; 20. 2005 Emmy winner for “ER”, LIOTTA; 23. 17-Across supporter, BUN; 24. With 3-Down, Bud product, ICE; 25. Coll. elective, ROTC; 26. Broadway acronym, ANTA; 28. The “me” in “nothing can stop me now,” in a 1962 #1 hit, DUKE OF EARL; 30. Place for some car fluid, CUP HOLDER; 31. Shocker, perhaps, EEL; 32. Al-JABBAR (one of the names of God in Islam); 33. Grass roots development?, LAWN; 34. Form of “John”, EVAN; 41. North Platte feeder, LARAMIE; 45. Name of father-and-son world leaders, ASSAD; 46. Period, PHASE; 47. Palacio resident, REINA; 48. Junkyard dog, probably, BITER; 49. They may help people tune out conversations, IPODS; 50. Turkish city or province, ADANA; 52. California wine locale, LODI; 53. Many a Lockheed Martin employee: Abbr., ENGR; 54. Pavement pounder, RAIN; 55. ID theft targets, SSNS; 57. Video game letters, NES.


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