11.24.11 — NO GO



Thursday, November 24, 2011 — Thanksgiving Day

Puzzle by Sharon Delorme / Edited by Will Shortz

NO GO (65A. Canceled … or a hint to answering 17-, 27-, 34-, 45- and 57-Across), FOR THE GOLD (17A. Try to win), BY THE BOOK (27A. Not vary from proper proedure), WITH THE FLOW (34A Follow everyone else), TO THE DOGS (45A. Deteriorate) and OVER THE TOP (57A. Take things way too far) constitute the interrelated group of this tryptophanic Thursday crossword.

Other — ARLENES (11D. TV’s Francis and others), BED REST (12D. Standard means of recovery from an illness), GROOVES (39D. Musical cuts?), HOOSEGOW (10D. Pokey), OLD SCORE (37D. Something to settle), POTHOOK (24D. S-shaped holder), RE-ENACT (19A. Put on again), SHANGHAI (4D. Abduct), SPECTRE (55A. Dr. No’s org.), UP CLOSE (38D. Practically in one‘s face), WHO’S NEXT (34D. Waiting room query).

Mid-size — ALIAS, ALIGN, ANENT, ASGARD (9D. Heavenly home of the Norse gods), BLOTTO (5D. Wasted), COSMO, EDGES, ERASER, GIRLIE, G-SUIT, IGORS, IRENE, I SEE IT, LIEGE, LONERS, OMERTA (43D. Italian code of silence), OUTLAW, PROOF, RARELY, SCARAB (1. Ancient Egyptian talisman), STEALS, TESORO.

Short stuff — AFC, AHAB, AIR (6D. Transportation mode), ANO, AREA, BABA, BAT, BOHR, CASH, EFGH, EGO, EKE, ERIE, ESTA, EWES, FORT, GIL, OLLA, OST, PPS, RAIL (63A. Transportation mode), ROO, SEXT, SHIN, SKEE, SORE, SRIS, TEE time, TOG, TOTE, TPS, UGH.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Titles of respect; 5. Rum-laced cake; 9. Fictional character who declares “Sleep? … I do not sleep, I die”; 13. Bills, e.g.; 14. It may be assumed; 15. Feeling stood-up, say; 16. Real estate figure; 21. Draftsman’s need; 22. True; 23. Pranks, in a way, informally; 26. Mrs. Forsyte in “The Forsyte Saga”; 29. Parts causing paper cuts, say; 30. Period with a tilde?; 33. German direction; 38. “That’s revolting!”; 40. Piglet’s pal; 41. Gerard of “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”; 42. Prosecutor’s burden; 50. Vodka drink, informally; 51. Scrape (out); 52. Jet pilot’s wear; 53. Anchorites; 60. Cantina vessel; 61. Send private messages?; 62. Stravinsky and Sikorsky; 64. Juanita’s “this”; 66. Much of a flock. — DOWN: 2. Almost never; 3. Searcher’s cry; 7. Be in a lineup; 8. Queens stadium name; 14. Chargers’ org.; 18. Tribe that lent its name to a canal; 20. In regard to; 28. Nobelist Niels; 32. Alphabet quartet; 35. Carryall; 36. Feudal lord; 44. Old West trading post; 46. Gems, precious metals, etc., in Spain; 47. Billy the Kid or Jesse James; 48. Hardly like a he-man; 49. Moves furtively; 54. Soccer injury site; 56. Letter addendum, for short; 58. I, in old Rome; 59. Enclothe.

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