11.19.11 — MCWHO?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Puzzle by Allan E. Parrish / Edited by Will Shortz

The odd octad of MCGWIRE, MCCAREY, MCOURT, MCMANUS, MCQUEEN, MCLAREN, MCBRIDE and MCMAHON constitutes the main feature of this strugglesome Saturday crossword.

Across — 1. Cardinal making many round trips, MCGWIRE; 8. “Going My Way” Best Director winner, MCCAREY; 15. Depreciate, CHEAPEN; 16. Pattern of highs and lows, CLIMATE; 17. CARSON’S Comedy Classics” (syndicated TV series); 18. Pompadour and others, MADAMES; 19. Not procrastinating, ON IT; 20. Brand of literature, ETHAN; 22. Like some divorce decrees, NISI; 23. Unmitigated, UTTER; 25. Astronomical stretch, EON; 26. “Enough already!”, CAN IT; 27. Flying Cloud maker, REO; 28. Producer of a chilling effect, ICE CUBE; 31. Sea bream, in a sushi bar, TAI; 32. Severe Allergy brand, TYLENOL; 34. Service charges?, SERMONS; 36. Ballpark fig., MGR; 37. First character to appear in “Carmen”, CEE; 38. The King of Cool, MCQUEEN; 42. Martina with five #1 country hits, MCBRIDE; 46. Actor Gulager, CLU; 47. Track team member?, RAILCAR; 49. Important seat occupant: Abbr., SEN; 50. Fruitcakes, LOONS; 52. Treadmill setting, GYM; 53. Hope for, AWAIT; 55. AS NO other (uniquely); 56. Bundle, SHEAF; 58. Old record holder, HIFI; 59. Fatal error follower, often, RESTART; 61. Like Baal Shem Tov’s sect, HASIDIC; 63. Never wrapping up, ETERNAL; 64. Run, OVERSEE; 65. Tough, NOT EASY; 66. Bottom-line problem, NET LOSS.

Down — 1. 1997 Pulitzer-winning memoirist, MCCOURT; 2. Sea air?, CHANTEY; 3. Alternative to One A Day, GERITOL; 4. Extravagance, WASTE; 5. Co. milestone, IPO; 6. Lacoste of tennis, RENE; 7. Make hard and strong, ENSTEEL; 8. George MCMANUS, ’Bringing Up Father” cartoonist; 9. Feud side, CLAN; 10. Alfonso VI exiled him, with “the”, CID; 11. Dryer option, AMANA; 12. Butt, RAM INTO; 13. Like some annual Mediterranean winds, ETESIAN; 1. “Indeed so”, YES IT IS; 21. Post HOC; 24. Faux amateurs, RINGERS; 26. Think pieces?, CEREBRA; 29. 1978 Grammy winner for the jazz album “Friends”, COREA; 30. Daughter on ABC’s “Life Goes On”, BECCA; 33. Noted six-foot runner, EMU; 35. Ionienne, e.g., MER; 38. Formula One racing legend Bruce, MCLAREN; 39. By, CLOSE TO; 40. Old shippable shelter, QUONSET; 42. Like many newscasts, NIGHTLY; 42. “For Laughing Out Loud” memoirist, MCMAHON; 43. Frequent declaration after “Because”, I SAID SO; 44. More than adores, DEIFIES; 45. Draws, ENTICES; 48. Burning stuff, LYE; 51. NOTRE Père (Parisian prayer); 54. Stab, WHIRL; 56. Some dramas: Abbr., SRAS; 57. Pet, informally, FAVE; 60. Get AN A (excel); 62. Having everything one needs, SET.


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