11.18.11 — The Friday Crossword

Friday, November 18, 2011

Puzzle by Joe DiPietro / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Certain chip feature, RIDGE; 6. Billboard once named her “Female Entertainer of the Century”, DIANA ROSS; 15. Food item with layers, ONION; 16. “Here’s what they said …”, AND I QUOTE; 17. “Dum spiro, SPERO” (“While I breathe, I hope”: Lat.); 18. Veal dish, SCHNITZEL; 19. Partner of ciencias, ARTES; 20. Second person in the Bible, THEE; 21. Second person in the Bible, EVE; 22. Old man, POPS; 23. Bull: Prefix, TAUR; 24. MS. Dos?, SASES; 26. Part of A.S.T.: Abbr., ATL; 27. Deceitful ones, SERPENTS; 29. Behind, REAR END; 31. Moving like hummingbirds, DARTING; 35. Pollux and Aldebaran, K STARS; 36. Certain fisherman, SEINER; 37. Capone portrayer, 1959, STEIGER; 39. What’s hot, THE RAGE; 40. Flags, TIRES OUT; 42. Cry repeated in “The Whiffenpoof Song”, BAA; 43. It causes many people to scratch, LOTTO; 46. Big maker of consoles, SEGA; 47. Big East team, PITT; 48. Cortés’s quest, ORO; 49. Kind of film, STAG; 50. MAKIN’ It,” 1979 top 10 hit; 51. Missed curfew, say, GOT IN LATE; 54. Still in the game, ALIVE; 55. Simple golf putt, ONE-FOOTER; 56. Appeal of New York, e.g.?, RENEW; 57. Something transparent, NO MYSTERY; 58. CRISS-cross.

Down — 1. Onetime boycott instigator, ROSA PARKS; 2. How 1-Down’s act was conducted, IN PROTEST; 3. Reduced fare?, DIET PLATE; 4. Runs through, GORES; 5. Grandson of 21-Across, ENOS; 6. Sneak, DASTARD; 7. Increase slowly, INCH UP; 8. Stuck, ADHERED; 9. Start of a call for help NINE; 10. Environmental datum of concern to asthmatics, for short, AQI; 11. Place to get stuck, RUT; 12. Radiates, as confidence, OOZES; 13. Either co-founder of Apple, STEVE; 14. 1991-92 U.S. Open winner, SELES; 23. Wound tighter, TENSER; 24. Easy STREET; 25. Showing life, ASTIR; 27. SERGIO Valente (clothing line); 28. 1955 Belmont and Preakness winner that shared its name with a U.S. city, NASHUA; 30. “Love Sneakin’ Up on You” singer, 1994, RAITT; 32. How some calorie counters eventually want to look good, IN A BIKINI; 33. Demerits, negatives; 34. Lead-in to an exciting announcement, GREAT NEWS; 38. Paraphrase, RESTATE; 39. Duds, TOGGERY; 41. Usher, e.g., SEATER; 43. Visit, as a site, with “to”, LOG ON; 44. Hockey East town, ORONO; 45. Venerated symbol, TOTEM; 47. More chalky, PALER; 49. Schedule, SLOT; 50. Fashion designer Jacobs, MARC; 52. Suffix with solid, IFY; 53. Rejections, NOS.


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