11.04.11 — The Friday Crossword

Friday, November 4, 2011

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Leave the pad, say, BLAST OFF; 9. Rustle up some food, FORAGE; 15. MORTIMER Brewster, beleaguered nephew in “Arsenic and Old Lace”; 16. Grammy-winning 1996 Beck album, ODELAY; 17. How some legal conversations are held, IN CAMERA; 18. Newly christen, RENAME; 19. Touch up, NEATEN; 20. African migrators, GNUS; 22. “The Amazing Race” network, CBS; 23. Born earlier, OLDER; 24. Neeson of “Taken”, LIAM; 25. Decision, CALL; 26. Some distillery products, RYES; 27. Lunchtime queuing spot, DELI; 28. Metaphorical crowd, THREE; 29. Dodges, as an obligation, WEASELS OUT OF; 32. Gets bent out of shape, DEFORMS; 35. Shirt or skirt, GARMENT; 36. R&B “drinking song” covered by Ray Charles, ONE MINT JULEP; 38. Shoots in the foot, say, LAMES; 39. Yarn unit, HANK; 40. Buddyroo, CHUM; 44. “You’ve got a deal!”, I’M IN; 45. OS X runners, MACS; 46. What a cookie cutter cuts, SHAPE; 47. Large amount, TON; 48. What stars might indicate, RANK; 49. Foul ball’s landing spot, often, STANDS; 50. The DC-10 was one, TRIJET; 52. While, AS LONG AS; 54. “Gone With the Wind” actor Howard, LESLIE; 55. 1994 sci-fi film about an alien artifact, STARGATE; 56. Controversial one-act play by Mamet, EDMOND; 57. Visited a vacation house, maybe, SUMMERED.

Down — 1. Bach’s “Mass in B MINOR; 2. Unfrequented, LONELY; 3. Establishment with children’s quarters?, ARCADE; 4. Leading ladies?, STATESWOMEN; 5. Proctor’s need, TIMER; 6. Sign, OMEN; 7. FER-de-Lance” (debut of Nero Wolfe); 8. Warning on a box, FRAGILE; 9. Discussion venue, FORUM; 10. High-flown tributes, ODES; 11. 1990s cartoon dog, REN; 12. Without sides, you might say, À LA CARTE; 13. Take the risk of, GAMBLE ON; 14. Marching order, EYES LEFT; 21. Shooters on the boards?, NAIL GUNS; 24. Symbol above the comma on a keyboard, LESS THAN; 25. Amount scarcely worth arguing over, CHUMP CHANGE; 27. Confounded, DAMN; 28. Ruptured, TORE; 30. Ninth-largest body known to orbit the sun, ERIS; 31. La Jolla’s SALK Institute for Biological Studies; 32. Doctor in Hugh Lofting tales, DOLITTLE; 33. Lovestruck, ENAMORED; 34. Doctrine associated with Betty Friedan, FEMINISM; 37. Contemptible fool, JACKASS; 41. Craft store?, HANGAR; 42. Bit of new info, UPDATE; 43. Blundered, with “up”, MESSED; 45. Out of the game, in chess, MATED; 46. One tracked by radar, STORM; 48. Curb, REIN; 49. Close with a bang, SLAM; 51. 2001 album featuring “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”, J LO; 53. STU Redman, hero of Stephen King’s “The Stand”.


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Geoff L said...

I'm over my recent embarassment and expose myself to further ridicule with this:

A planet and its moons collectively orbit the Sun, no one more so than another. In fact their orbital periods are all nearly identical. There are several moons much larger than Eris.