07.22.14 — Across and Down

“I’m Wishing” is the first song featured in
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Puzzle by Joel Fagliano / Edited by Will Shortz

Seven crossing entries with one meaning across and another down, accompanied by cross-referenced clues, constitutes the interrelated group of this crafty Tuesday crossword:

  • LIGHT (6A. With 8-down, lime shade), with GREEN  (8D. With 6-Across, approve), light green and green-light.
  • MAN (16A. With 12-Down, not natural), MADE (12D. With 16-Across, mob inductee), man-made, made man.
  • HEAD (33A. With 23-Down, deli product), CHEESE (23D. With 33-Across fan of the N.F.L.’s Packers), headcheese, cheesehead.
  • WISHING (38A. With 38-Down, place to drop a coin), WELL (38D. With 38-Across, desiring happiness for someone), wishing well, well-wishing.
  • ARM (40A. With 31-Down, jazz legend), STRONG (31D. With 40-Across, coerce), [Louis] Armstrong, strong-arm.
  • PAN (58A. With 54-Down, waffle alternative), CAKE (54D. With 58-Across, bakery container), pancake, cake pan.
  • BREAK (59A. With 57-Down, part of a morning routine), FAST (57D. With 59-Across, basketball tactic), breakfast, fast break.

Other — BANDLEADER (3D. Count Basie, e.g.), BEATEN DOWN (30D. Demoralized), DIRT BIKES (35D. Off-road two-wheelers), DRONE BEE (20A. One in service to the queen?), IN CROWD (4D. Exclusive group), LASERDISC (6D. Bygone video format), LLAMA (52D. Fleeced beast), REFILLED (56A. Like gas tanks and many prescriptions, again and again), SPIED ON (44D. Watched through binoculars, say).


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