07.27.14 — What's My Line?



Sunday, July 27, 2014

“What’s My Line?”  Puzzle by Randolph Ross
Edited by Will Shortz

Ten familiar phrases all clued as a “line” constitutes the main feature of this pleasant Sunday crossword:

SORRY WRONG NUMBER (22A. Telephone line)
SHOW ME THE MONEY (30A. Cruise line)
ONCE UPON A TIME (52A. Story line)
THAT’S ALL FOLKS (77A. Finish line)
IT’S NOT YOU IT’S ME (101A. Fault line)
TAKE MY WIFE PLEASE (111A. Laugh line)
I’LL GET IT (14D. Help line)
MAY  I SEE YOU AGAIN (15D Date line)
MIGHT MAKES RIGHT (39D. Power line)
EAT FRESH (84D. Subway line)

Other — ALIENATED (38D. Put off), CHUNNEL (9D. French connection?), DEAD END (88A. Maze feature), DOOZIES (41A. Special somethings), FARFEL (99A. Small pellets of noodle dough in Jewish culture), FEHR (57A. Longtime baseball union exec Donald), Jimmy HATLO (“They’ll Do It Every Time cartoonist), PRAHA (18A. European capital, to natives), RED-FACED (37D. Embarrassed), RIPPED OFF (65A. Pinched), SCHEDULE A (42D. I.R.S. form with a line for “Casualty and Theft Losses”), SESAMES (90D. Bagel toppers), STEEVE (95D. Work on the docks).


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