07.07.14 — Skin Deep

Monday, July 7, 2014

Puzzle by Lynn Lempel / Edited by Will Shortz

BEAUTY PARLOR (22D. With 33-Down, where to go for the ends of 16-, 20-, 40-, 56- and 62-Across), along with WASH, CUT, SET, DRY and COMB found in WHITEWASH (16A. Tom Sawyer’s bucketful), PRICE CUT (20A. Lure for bargain hunters), MINDSET (40A. General way of thinking), EXTRA DRY (56A. Like some champagne) and HONEYCOMB (62A. Sweet spot in a hive) constitute the interrelated group of this Monday crossword.

Other — CARHOP (49D. Server at a drive-in restaurant), Actress ELISHA Cuthbert of “24”, GEHRIG (8D. Yankee who was the first major-leaguer to have his number retired), Leon PANETTA who was Obama’s first C.I.A. director, RASCAL (51D. Mischief-maker), RE-DYE (29D. Change back to brunet, say), SWEATER and YARN (54A. Knitter‘s creation; 47A. What a knitter might have a ball with?) TRURO (50A. Beach town that‘s home to Cape Cod‘s oldest lighthouse).


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