07.17.14 — BACK


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Puzzle by Alan Arbesfeld / Edited by Will Shortz

Four answers with the first word spelled backwards along with BACK implied as part of the word constitutes the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword:

[KCAB]PMUH WHALE (17A. Singer in the sea, literally). e.g., humpback whale
[KCAB]LLAF POSITION (27A. Plan B. literally), fallback position
[KCAB]RETRAUQ SNEAK (42A. Gridiron maneuver, literally), quarterback sneak
[KCAB]YGGIP RIDE (57A. Little kid’s lift, literally), piggyback ride

Other — ALL CAPS (7D. Indicator of stress), ATT and ATTY, AURORA (39A. Skylghts?), EMPTY NETS (13D. Fisherman’s bane and hockey player’s boon), ILA and IRA, LOCATIONS (11D. Spots), NORTHEAST (32D. 45 degrees), OGLE and OGRE, ON E and ONE-C, QUAYLE (43D. Bush successor), SPARE TIRE (30D. Gut), TRATTORIA (12D. Vino spot), TRUE LOVES (31D. Soul mates).


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