07.03.14 — Eruption

Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980 at 08:32 PDT


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Puzzle by Luke Vaughn / Edited by Will Shortz

MOUNT ST HELENS (39A. It left parts of itself in 11 states in 1980) and eleven squares containing the word ASH constitutes the main feature of this clever and tough Thursday crossword.

  • [ASH]AMED (1A. Sheepish) with [ASH]CROFT (1D. Early 2000s attorney general)
  • ON[A SH]ORT LE[ASH] (18A. Under tight control) with CL[ASH] (8D. Not go together at all) and SL[ASH] (13D. / )
  • REH[ASH] (23A. Go over and over) with SPL[ASH]DOWN (11D. Landing for many an Apollo mission)
  • TEX[AS H]OLD ‘EM (31A. Game in 2006’s “Casino Royale”) with C[ASH] OUT (25D. Leave the casino, say)
  • [ASH]LEY OLSEN (47A. “It takes Two” co-star) with SM[ASH] (41D. Chart topper)
  • THR[ASH]ES (52A. Licks) with [ASH]ANTI (53D. One-named singer with the 2003 hit “Rock Wit U, Awww Baby”)
  • GN[ASH] (59A. Grind) with 60D. Olympic decathlon gold medalist [ASH]TON Eaton
  • W[ASH]ING [ASH]HORE (62A. Like seashells at high tide) with ST[ASH]ED (55D Hidden away) and [ASH]EN (63D. Colorless)
  • TR[ASH]ES (66A. Bad-mouths) with SOD[A SH]OP (49D. Place to get a malted)

Other — AREOLE (2D. Anatomical ring); ENGELS (48D. Co-author of “The Communist Manifesto”); ESSENE (50D. Early Semite); FLIC (24A. French cop); MANNIX (3D. Detective of 1960s-‘70s TV); NOOSES (51D. Deadly constrictors); OP ARTIST (40D. Illusion creator); REPTILE (27D. Cold-blooded sort).


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