07.10.14 — Silent


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Puzzle by John Guzzetta / Edited by Will Shortz

In this Thursday crossword, the solver is asked to imagine the word SILENT as part of the entry across words and as a descriptive for a unpronounced letter of an entry down:

[SILENT] PARTNER crossing COUP with a silent P
[SILENT] HILL crossing HONEST WOMAN with a silent H
[SILENT] NIGHT crossing DAMNS with a silent N
[SILENT] SPRING crossing ELLIS ISLAND with a silent S
[SILENT] MOVIE crossing MNEMONIC with a silent M
[SILENT] TREATMENT crossing LISTEN with a silent T

Clues for the above, the words — PARTNER (4D. Business associate uninvolved in management), HILL (5A. Hit 2006 horror film based on a video game series), NIGHT (12D. Popular Christmas carol), SPRING (54A. Seminal 1962 book on the environment), MOVIE (50D. Almost any pre-1927 Hollywood production), TREATMENT (63A. Some passive-aggressive behavior).

The letters — COUP (1A. Takeover), HONEST WOMAN (5D. What a girl becomes after marriage, in an old expression), DAMNS (9A. Curses), ELLIS ISLAND (24D. Great Hall locale), MNEMONIC (50A. “Every good boy does fine,” e.g.), LISTEN (4D. Tune in).

Other — AESTHETES (20A. Art lovers), CZAR and UKASE (29A. 3-Down issuer; 3D. Decree), DEMESNE (43D. Lord’s estate), MANON (11D. Jules Massenet opera comique), PORK PIE (39A. Buster Keaton hat), SALLIE MAE (59A. Company providing financial assistance to college students), SEES INTO (23A. Probes), SMARTNESS (17A. Brains), STYLO (13D. Pen, in Paris).


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THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.


Bill Norris said...

In the Seattle Times, the title "Silent" was not included. (It beats me how a city like Seattle can have such a poor excuse for a daily paper. But I digress.) But that just added to the fun of figuring out the "silent" connection.

DONALD said...

The New York Times did not have "Silent" included anywhere in the puzzle the day of publication; however, it was noted the following day...