07.14.14 — Unidentified Flying Object

Monday, July 14, 2014

Puzzle by MaryEllen Uthlaut / Edited by Will Shortz

UFO SIGHTING (47A. Eerie encounter … or a hint to 23-, 31- and 39-Across), YOU FORGOT ME (23A. Annoyed “Hel-LO!”), SUBARU FORESTER (31A. Japanese compact S.U.V.) and DOUBLE STUF OREO (39A. Sandwich cookie with abundant filling) constitute the interrelated group of this pleasant Monday crossword.

Other — CONFINED TO (56A. Locked up in), EMPEROR (5D. Caesar of Charlemagne), FOGHORN (42D. Blast from a lighthouse), Treaty of GHENT, pact ending the War of 1812, LAUDING (40D. Singing the praises of), PAGE LAYOUT (18A. Web designer’s concern), SCALENE (9D. Like a triangle with sides of different lengths).


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geoff said...

A sloop is smallish for a ship but large for a boat.