03.26.07 -- Creatures, Beasts and Animals

It’s good that the HOSTLER (last appeared as OSTLER) is included here, what with CREATURECOMFORT, BEASTOFBURDEN, ANIMALMAGNETISM, OXEN, a CAIMAN and an OPERA DIVA on the loose! Quick puzzle, but I’m not one of those who claim to solve it faster than a human can write or type, nor like one remark heard recently, “solved completely without a need to fill in the squares” -- oh, hubris! Now that the ACPT has adjourned its annual festival, perhaps we can dispense with the mistaken idea that speed equals intelligence and just enjoy doing a puzzle -- what pleasure can be derived from a break-neck pace leaving behind errors, omissions and angst? After all, isn't the intent to AMUSE!
Pictured: ACPT; 53A INFERNO; 64A Rembrandt - "Slaughtered Ox", Rolling Stones "Beast of Burden"; 57A and 61A, Theda Bara as "Carmen"; 17A Loch Ness monster; 60D Velazquez "Mercury and Argus"

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Anonymous said...

Well, maybe you have a little more leisure time on your hands than some! Well, enjoy it!