03.19.07 -- Why Do the NYT Puzzle in Ink?

40Down ----------------------------------------------------------- POT (clue) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pencil is too light -- plain and simple! Harder to see, plus the eraser makes holes in the newspaper. What then to do about one’s mistakes? -- BIC makes a “Wite-Out” correction pen which is excellent and can last up to a year with the infrequent use on crosswords -- the advantage being less area coverage (just the errant letter) and the substance is fairly quick to dry. Monday, Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday, it is unneeded, so it could be the Wite-Out pen could last quite a long time if used as directed. http://www.wite-out.com/how/ ---------------------- All you need to know about The Rialto http://shakespeareandstuff.blogspot.com/

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! Used ink eraser and it tears up the paper. Picked one up at Staples -- will give it a shot tomorrow!