03.21.07 -- What? No VERNALEQUINOX!!!

Deja vu! -- this puzzle has appeared before! What happened? Was the vernal equinox theme puzzle unready, so being it was late, Early (Ed) in lieu? Nevertheless, a quote from "The Drunkard; or, the Fallen Saved" Adapted by W.H. Smith, New York: WM. Taylor and Co.1850 --- SCENE I.—A wretched out-house or shed, supposed to be near a tavern, early morning.—Stage dark—EDWARD discovered lying on ground, without hat or coat, clothes torn, eyes sunk and haggard, appearance horrible, etc., etc.------------
EDWARD. [Awakening.] Where am I? I wonder if people dream after they are dead? hideous! hideous! I should like to be dead, if I could not dream—parched! parched ...'tis morning, is it, or coming night, which? I wanted daylight, but now it has come, what shall I do in daylight! I was out of sight when it was dark—and seemed to be half-hidden from myself—early morning, the rosy hue of the coming sunshine, veiling from mortal sight the twinkling stars—what horrid dreams, will they return upon me, waking? Oh, for some brandy! rum! I am not so ashamed, so stricken with despair when I am drunk. Landlord, give me some brandy. What horrid place is this? Pain! dreadful pain! Heavens, how I tremble. Brandy! brandy!

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