03.28.07 -- Scrambled Gags

Triple anagrams -- five fifteen-letter lines using the letters AEPRS, AERST, AEGLR, EIMST, AELSTS, which when unscrambled to form three different words on a line also form five mildly amusing remarks, a puzzle in a puzzle in a puzzle so to speak. Slow starting, what with clues like “harvests more anjous than needed?” etc., but once the shtick emerges, solves quickly. People in the puzzle today (some living, most dead) -- W. C. Fields, Ava Gardner, Ann Meara, James Spader, Marvin Gaye, Mao Tse-tung, Ashton Kutcher (left click to enlarge any image).


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Rex Parker describes the theme more clearly:

THEME: anagrammatic phrases - 5 theme answers are each made up of three 5-letter words that are anagrams of one another.

DONALD said...

anani maus

I can live with that.