10.01.10 — Thrilla in Manila

Friday, October 1, 2010

Puzzle by David J. Kahn, edited by Will Shortz

Thirty-five years ago the ALI-FRAZIER FIGHT (40A. Memorable 10/1/75 event), the THRILLA IN MANILA (7D. 40-Across, familiarly) took place in the PHILIPPINES (3D. Where the 40-Across was held). This Friday’s knockout crossword celebrates that anniversary including BOXING (16A. 40-Across activity) and 11D. The Louisville LIP (40-Across winner’s nickname), THE GREATEST (27D. 40-Across winner’s nickname), SMOKIN’ JOE (67A. With 62-Down, 40-Across loser’s nickname) and TKO (71A. 40-Across ending, for short).

Other, eight-letter — AGITATOR (17A. Troublemaker), GODZILLA (25D. 164-foot-tall movie star), IRONHEAD (63A. Nickname for racer Dale Earnhardt Sr., so called because of his stubbornness), LARGESSE (68A. Generosity), MOONEYES (21D. Silvery fish), NEHEMIAH (14A. Hebrew leader who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem).

Sixes and Sevens — AMELIA (8A. Henry Fielding title heroine), ARM HOLE (28D. Tee shirt opening), BOPPER (18A. Big home run hitter, in slang), EXPERT (10D. Pro), OPALINE (23D. Iridescent), PAJAMA (60A. Bed piece?), REPORT (49D. Bang or boom), RETAKE (47D. Second shot), SENATOR (22D. Cicero or Publius), SIT-INS (5D. March alternatives), SOOTHER (29D. Balm), SPEEDS (69A. Does 85, say).


Short stuff — ABBA, AER and AGR, ALP and AMP, ANA, ANTE, APE, ASK, ASST, DELE, “In excelsis DEO“, EFS, EMO, EPPS, ETE, INE, ITD, LEG, Director LENI Riefenstahl, NCR, ONER, PAST, PSS, RAN, SAO and SOI, SHE, SPF, TANS, “Comin’ THRO the Rye“, TIN, YRS.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Monte Leone, for one; 4. Secy., e.g.; 20. Likeness; 22. “___ heard”; 24. White, in a way; 26. Sp. Misses; 30. “House” actor; 35. British diaper; 37. Pony or alligator; 39. Funny Philips; 43. Tobacco holder; 44. Like some anteaters; 45. Brewer Bernard; 46. Humdinger; 48. Bugger of Bugs; 50. Take out; 51. Change, as a watch; 53. Kind of printer; 55. Atmosphere: Prefix; 56. Giant; 58. History; 70. “___ up!” (game cry). — DOWN: 1. “Wheel of Fortune purchase; 2. Advantage, with “up”; 4. Big appliance maker; 6. Brazil’s ___ José Bay; 8. Pop group whose first Top 40 album was, appropriately, “Arrival”; 9. Musical equipment popularized in the 1960s; 12. Carol ending?; 13. Cabinet dept.; 15. Time spent on la Côte d’Azur; 31. Block letters?; 33. A.T.M. maker; 36. Decade parts: Abbr.; 38. Flunking grades; 41. Big lug; 432. “___ be my pleasurre”; 52. Meek; 54. The Rockies, e.g.; 57. Gets some color; 59. “___ Walks in Beauty” (Byron poem); 60. Letter endings: Abbr.; 61. Speaker’s place; 64. Published; 65. Expect (of).

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