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Ancient Sound, Paul Klee 1925


Friday, September 30, 2011

Puzzle by Joe Krozel / Edited by Will Shortz

With a streak of seven K’s running diagonally through the center, this Friday crossword offers an otherwise colorful assortment of clues and answers, evenly familiar and unfamiliar.

Across — 1. Many viviparous births, LITTERS; 8. Where many beads are formed, PORES; 13. Pretty good result for a golf round, ONE OVER; 14. Without incident, SAFELY; 15. Coyote, say, to a Western rancher; 16. Subject of the 2001 book subtitled “The Shock of the Century”, SPUTNIK; 17. Stumble, ERR; 18. Like many resorts, COASTAL; 20. Expression of praise, ODE; 21. Clouds, TAINTS; 23. Toppers popular with jazzmen, PORK PIES; 25. 1958 Pulitzer-winning novelist and family, AGEES; 26. His character had the signature line “Book ‘em, Danno”, JACK LORD; 27. Territory on a Risk board, PERU; 28. Like stools and many benches, BACKLESS; 29. Event for many a dashing young man, TRACK MEET; 31. Having been overexposed to the sun, maybe, FRECKLED; 32. Unrefined sort, BOOR; 36. Officially starts work, CLOCKS IN; 37. “Nature’s lay idiot, I taught thee to love” penner, DONNE; 38. Sea food, PLANKTON; 39. Points of view?, PIXELS; 40. “Chariots of Fire” co-star Charleson, IAN; 41. Doesn’t go away, LINGERS; 43. Things to drive off of, TEE; 44. Choices for snaps, GINGERS; 46. Like some Internet searches, BOOLEAN; 48. GREASE monkey; 49. Least desirably, AT WORST; 50. Sounds from a 3-Down, YELPS; 51. They’re far from stars, NO NAMES.

Actor Buster Keaton made thousands of pork pie hats for personal use in his films.

Down — 1. Slight show of affection, LOVE TAP; 2. Going ballistic, IN A RAGE; 3. One producing 50-Across, TERRIER; 4. Petty recording, TOM; 5. Boots, EVICTS; 6. “RENO’S Most Wanted” (“best-of” compilation of a popular TV cop show); 7. Miss hitting a piñata?: Abbr., SRTA; 8. Bauhaus artist and teacher, PAUL KLEE; 9. “OFT I had heard of Lucy Gray”: Wordsworth; 10. “La Loge” and “La Grenouillère”, RENOIRS; 11. Skipped over, ELIDED; 12. General George at Gettysburg, SYKES; 14. Performed brilliantly, SPARKLED; 16. Warehouse workers, STOCKMEN; 19. Job for some wall fixers, SPACKLING; 22. Deuterium has one, NEUTRON; 24. London letter getter, POST BOX; 26. Twenties, JACKSONS; 28. Wheelie supporter, BACK TIRE; 30. Daredevilish, RECKLESS; 31. Muleta material;, FLANNEL; 33. Four years as governor, say, ONE TERM; 34. Like most apartments, ON LEASE; 35. Minds, RESENTS; 36. Danes featured in films, CLAIRE; 37. Renounce, DISOWN; 38. Little digit?, PIGGY; 39. Prefix with type, PROTO; 42. Israel’s first U.N. delegate, EBAN; 45. Orthodontist’s concern, GAP; 47. Mauna LOA.


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