04.16.13 — Chapter 11

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Puzzle by Peter Broda / Edited by Will Shortz

GO BELLY UP (37A. File for Chapter 11 … or do an 18-, 20-, 60- or 64-Across), along with CRAB WALK (18A. Proceed on all fours, in a way; BACKSTROKE (20A. Butterfly alternative); LIMBO DANCE (60A. Caribbean party event), HIGH JUMP (64A. Decathlon event), constitute the interrelated group of this friendly Tuesday crossword.
Other — BO KNOWS (13D. Onetime catchphrase for athlete Jackson), DOING IN, EURASIA, IMAGINE (42D. 1971 hit with the lyric “”You may say I’m a dreamer”), IN A CAST, METERED, NEXT GEN, OBSCENE, ON A DIME, RED BULL, SEX SHOP, TELECOM.

Mid-size — DC NINE (69A. Old McDonnell Douglas aircraft), DRACOS, EDICT, EUNICE, EXHALE, GEICO, GENUS, HELLA (29D. Very, slangily), ICOSA (5D. Twenty: Prefix), LATIN, LINGER, METALS, NESTLE, NORMS, REIN IN, SCOLDS, SODOM, STONED, X AXIS.

Short stuff — ACE and ALE and ALL, ALOE, AMID, ANNO, ARCO, BEE, DEB, EAT, EDEN, ELAN, EME and EMS, I’M ON, IRAE, ISH and IST, JAR, LAB and LAY, LISP (26A. Someone who has it can‘t say it), LULU, MARK, MOW, NEO, NICK, ONE, OTB, PEN, PIG, POR, RARE, REAL, REX, ROBE, RUNG, SGTS, SIN, USA, WEE.

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one
~ “Imagine” by John Lennon


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THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Bring under control; 7. Surrounded by; 11. Handicapper’s spot, for short; 14. One of the Shivers; 15. Like a day in June, according to Lowell; 16. Prefix with platonic; 17. “Harry Potter” antagonist and namesakes; 22. Made in ___; 24. Drink with a head; 25. Allstate competitor; 28. Blow out; 32. Level the playing field?; 33. See 27-Down; 35. Panache; 36. Ambulance letters; 41. Confession in a confessional; 44. “Get ___!”; 45. Gomorrah’s sister city; 49. Suffix with lex-; 50. “Precious” or “Heavy” things; 53. Cabana wear; 54. Horizontal graph line; 56. It may be high or low in blackjack; 58. Believer’s suffix; 59. Army three-stripers: Abbr.; 60. Caribbean party event; 64. Decathlon event; 55 Stay awhile; 67. Number that’s its own square; 68. Moisturizer additive; 70. Signer’s need; 71. Provider of a leg up?; 72. Like Cheech & Chong, in most of their movies. — DOWN: 1. Popular energy drink; 2. Landmass that spans over 180 degrees of longitude; 3. How some broken bones are set; 4. “Jolly old” saint; 5. Twenty: prefix; 6. Hot Pockets maker; 7. With the bow, in b-=usic; 8. Grade, as papers; 9. “Dies ___’;; 10. Girl with a ball; 11. Quick way to turn or stop; 12. Verizon or Sprint; 19. Itty-bitty; 21. Common dog name; 25. The “Homo” in Homo Sapiens; 27. With 33-Across ixnay or amscray; 29. Very, slangily; 30. The whole enchilada; 31. Install, as tile; 34. Expected outcomes; 38. Scripps-sponsored event for kids; 39. Munch on; 40 ___ favor; 41. Store for couples, maybe; 43. Like many newly e=unveiled electronics, casually; 46. Murdering; 47. Bleep-worthy, say; 49. Like much urban street parking; 51. Photo ___; 52. Chews out; 55. Suffix with fiend; 57. Command from on high; 60. Ripsnorter; 61. “That’s my cue!”; 62. Compressed video file format; 63. The “A” in A.D.; 65. Peanut butter purchase.


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