04.19.13 — The Friday Crossword

Springtime, 1872, Claude Monet
Friday, April 19, 2013
Puzzle by Ned White / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Rob Lowe was one, BRATPACKER; 11. Screen, SIFT; 15. It reflects radio waves, IONOSPHERE; 16. “Well, Did You EVAH?”; 17. Holds water, MAKES SENSE; 18. She said “Don’t be humble. You’re not that great”, MEIR; 19. Many a trop. Paradise, ISL; 20. Unlike radio shows, SEEN; 21. “Scooby-Doo” girl, DAPHNE; 23. Bikini event, briefly, N TEST; 25. Down a sports drink, say, REHYDRATE; 27. Comparison words, IS TO; 28. In SITU (as placed); 29. Took from the top, REDID; 30. See 12-Down, UP TO HERE; 33. “Love IS A Ball” (Glenn Ford film); 34. British Columbia’s longest river, FRASER; 37. It might elicit a shrug, APATHY; 39. Garbage, ROT; 40. Put a seal of approval on, overseas, NOTARISE; 44. “There’s many A SLIP .”; 46. Classic publishers of paperbacks, AVON; 47. Composer Harris and others, ROYS; 51. Spouse’s entreaty, BE AN ANGEL; 51. Giverny’s most famous resident, MONET; 54. Evidencing change?, JANGLY; 55. Occasion for the fleet, RACE; 57. Compass dir., SSE; 58. Not taken by, ONTO; 59. It’s still open to investigation, ACTIVE CASE; 62. Syllabus segment, UNIT; 63. Deposit memo, CREDIT SLIP; 64. They’re often ticked off: Abbr., SECS; 65. Alex P. Keaton and Marcia Brady each had two, KID SISTERS.
Nighthawks, 1942, Edward Hopper
Down — 1. 1935-37 home for Hemingway, BIMINI; 2. Some tributes, ROASTS; 3. It may have its charms, ANKLET; 4. Digital print source?, TOE; 5. Covert call, PSSST; 6. Projection for some kneelers, APSE; 7. “À bientôt ,” across the Channel, CHEERIO; 8. Cole of fashion, KENNETH; 9. Sites of many revivals, briefly, ERS; 10. Thin-sounding, REEDY; 11. Unvarying, in music, SEMPRE; 12. With 30-Across, shout of frustration, I’VE HAD IT; 13. A bit woozy, FAINTISH; 14. Like some weekends, THREE-DAY; 22. Promo team, AD REPS; 24. SOUS-chef; 26. Orange or plum, HUE; 28. Minute Maid Park team member, for short, STRO; 31. Mate via mail, PEN PAL; 32. Game stopper, RAIN; 34. Splendid, humorously, FRABJOUS; 35. Waitress at the fictional Lobo Lounge, ROSEANNE; 36. Flying start?, ATLANTIC; 38. Flying start?, AERO; 41. Make it?, TAG; 42. Sponsor of baseball’s Relief Man Award, ROLAIDS; 48. Marked down, ON SALE; 49. Private reply, YES SIR; 50. Pickles, e.g., STEEPS; 52. New York home of the painter Edward Hopper, NYACK; 53. Boy-girl connection, MEETS; 58. Year in Trajan’s reign, CVII; 60. Shout, to Cherie, CRI; 61. Part of Fla. Is on it, CST.


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