04.04.13 — Large Print

Thursday, April 4, 2013
Puzzle by Corey Rubin / Edited by Will Shortz

LARGE PRINT appears in ten over-sized squares in this unusual but friendly Thursday crossword.
Of note — AFGHANS (31D. Soft blankets), DR ZHIVAGO (9D. Film character who says “I hate everything you say, but not enough to kill you for it”), FEAR OF HEIGHTS (35A. It might prevent you from rising), HOEDOWN (37D. Fiddler’s event); LOCARNO (18D. Swiss resort city), NIRVANA (30A. Lama’s goal), ROOMIES (42A. Bert and Ernie, on “Sesame Street”), SMALLER (17A. Downsized), SETS OFF (56A. Triggers), STRAIGHTENS UP (7D. Gets ready for company, perhaps), TRUMP CARD (29D. Ace in the hole).
The crossword is accompanied in the on-line version with the note: “The newspaper version of this puzzle has one oversize square for each block of 4 circles. We recommend that you solve the PDF version ... but this electronic version is provided as well.”



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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Really good time; 4. 2006’s “Ms. New Booty” and others; 8. Gather on a surface, in chemistry; 14. Hookah component; 15. Back muscle, in brief; 16. What may go for a buck?; 19. Pyramid-building people; 20. Impersonate; 22. 22. Board, informally; 23. Bars from the supermarket, for short?; 25. Garden Isle of the Pacific; 27. French pronoun; 28. Minor blowup; 32. Australia’s ___ Rock; 34. Seven-time Wimbledon champ; 40. Counterpart of jour; 41. Lead-in to phobia; 45. Expressed some surprise; 46. Response to a punch, perhaps; 47. Neighbor of Del.; 49. Atmospheric prefix; 50. ___ Wars (conflicts of the second and third centuries B.C.); 52. Rarely affected by hurricanes, say; 54. Like the opera “Wozzeck”; 59. “Your mother wears army boots,” e.g.; 60. Final: Abbr.; 61. Tribulation; 62. Currents; 63. Tiny splash; 64. “What’s ___?” — DOWN: 1. Director Van Sant; 2. Place for a tattoo; 3. Common stir-fry ingredient; 4. Literary inits.; 5. Supermodel Wek; 6. Hymn; 8. Old sports org. with the Virginia Squires; 10. ___ speak; 11. It’s often the first to be knocked over; 12. “Great taste since 1905” drink; 13. Petty officers, for short; 21. Convinced; 23. Letters on a B-52; 24. Poet laureate Henry James ___; 26. Mozart piece; 33. French silk; 36. Over, overseas; 38. I ___ Tenori; 39. Iraq’s ___ City; 42. Wireless network necessity; 43. Significant; 44. Fishhook attachment; 46. Some psychedelic decoration; 48. Part in some arrangements; 51. Aware of; 53. Org. for Nadal and Federer; 55. Sulu and Uhura on “Star Trek”: Abbr.; 57. One against another; 58. Not many.

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