04.26.13 — In a Jar by the Door

The Beatles at the grave of Eleanor Rigby,
collaged with Eleanor Rigby by Muirart
"Wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door" refers to putting on a public face, wearing a mask to hide sorrows.
Friday, April 26, 2013
Puzzle by Michael Ashley / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Onetime co-host of “The View”, STAR JONES; 10. Seen-it-all, BLASÉ; 15. Did some undercover work, WORE A WIRE; 16. Like opals, MILKY; 17. “Archie Bunker’s Place” actress, ANNE MEARA; 18. No-handed skateboarding trick, OLLIE; 19. Cash in Cambodia, RIELS; 20. Some cornbreads, ASH CAKES; 22. Base fare, MESS; 23. Creole, e.g., PATOIS; 25. When repeated, response to “Who wants dessert?”, I DO; 26. AARP focus: Abbr., SRS; 27. PCBs, e.g., TOXINS; 28. Zoom IN ON; 29. Kind of column, DORIC; 30. “Forever Your Girl” singer, 1989, ABDUL; 31. Lawsuits, ACTIONS; 34. Royal personage, MAJESTY; 36. Arizona player, for short, DBACK; 37. Poke, JAB AT; 38. One of the Jetsons, JANE; 39.Viagra maker, PFIZER; 41. Kind of animation, CEL; 44. Potato chip brand, UTZ; 45. Blasted, DARNED; 46. It might be spun around a campfire, TALE; 47. Major education supporter, STATE TAX; 49. Some Spanish dates: Abbr., SRTAS; 50. Purport, TENOR; 51. “The Book of Eli” actress, MILA KUNIS; 54. Rigel’s constellation, ORION; 55. 1985 Dennis Quaid sci-fi-film, ENEMY MINE; 56. “RYAN’S Hope”; 57. “Band” leader of the 1960s, SGT PEPPER.
Lila Lee
Down — 1. A lot, SWARMS; 2. More stylish, TONIER; 3. Marshal Dillon portrayer, ARNESS; 4. Cinephiles’ collectibles, REELS; 5. Printer malfunctions, JAMS; 6. Not be square with, OWE; Actress NIA Peeples; 8. Unpredictable, ERRATIC; 9. TV set?, SEASON; 10. Quad standouts, BMOCS; 11. LILA Lee of silent films; 12. What it often takes, it’s said, ALL KINDS; 13. Hit a lazy pop-up, say, SKIED OUT; 14. Dossier stamp, EYES ONLY; 21. Greetings, HIS; 23. YouTube no-no, PORN; 24. 1940’s AXIS Pact; 27. Bamboozled, TOOK; 28. “Su-u-ure”, I BET; 29. Make mincemeat of, say, DICE; 30. “Wearing the face that she keeps in A JAR by the door” (Beatles lyric); 31. Professional claims examiner, ADJUSTOR; 32. Many a toy powerer, C BATTERY; 33. Land on the Indian Ocean, TANZANIA; 34. Feature on some place mats, MAZE; 35. Not up, ABED; 37. Cursing, JINXING; 39. Way to stand, PAT; 40. Purchase at an optician’s, FRAMES; 41. Mint family plant, CATNIP; 42. Lady of Arthurian legend, ELAINE; 43. Inferior, LESSER; 45. Hollywood father and daughter, DERNS; 46. Supersede, TRUMP; 48. Bugs, e.g., TOON; 49. SKYE terrier; 52. Do-over, of a sort, LET; 53. Electrical unit, AMP.


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