09.10.08 -- Circles

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Puzzle by Lucas Gaviotis Whitestone, edited by Will Shortz
INNER (64A. Private … or a hint to the words spelled by the circled letters), along with PAPERBACKWRITER (17A. 1966 Beatles #1 hit) with “P E A C E” in circles; CHURCHHILLDOWNS (25A. Louisville landmark),C H I L D” in circles; BEAMMEUPSCOTTY (42A. Command Kirk never really gave),B E A U T Y” in circles; and CENTIGRADESCALE (56A. Standard degrees for scientists?), and “C I R C L E” in circles, are the interrelated entries featured in this Wednesday crossword.
COWBELL (9D. It may be heard in a herd) and SENEGAL (40D. Nation where Wolof and French are spoken) are the only other long entries, evoking a very rural scene on the Dark Continent.
Young cow-boy near Senegal by Mario Aguedo
The Fill: ALES, ARK, BYOB, CAL, DEER, ECHO, ELSE, EONS, HIC, HUR, INK, IOU, IVOR, JOEL, MAT and NAT, MAVS, MELT, OLE, ONCE, OPT, ORAL, ORCS, OTC, PAIN, PAPA and POPE, PECK (7D. Atticus Finch portrayer … or something finches do), PER, PITT, PJS, RIO, SCAN, SHU, SPED, SUER and SURE, TED, THUS, UNE, USES, VEIL, VENT, VLAD, YOU (34A. Thou, today).
26D. “HASTA” la vista, baby!”
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TEEN PUZZLEMAKER WEEK -- Note: All the daily crosswords this week, Monday through Saturday, have been contributed by puzzlemakers under the age of 20. Today’s crossword is by Lucas Gaviotis Whitestone, 18, of New York City. He is a first-year student of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. This is his first puzzle for The Times.

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Xword search information -- Across: 1. Easy catch for an infielder, 6. Jazz (up); 11. Slumber party attire, for short; 14. Greeted the day; 15. Voice above a baritone; 16. Debtor’s note; 20. Pub brews; 21. Object of Indiana Jones first quest, 22. Military engagement; 23. Non-Rx; 32. Not the main bank, 33. Stanford rival, familiarly; 36. Danson of “Cheers”, 37. Floored; 39 Select, with “for”, 40. Moo ___ pork, 41. Icon in an Internet forum; 46. Billions of years, 47. Lew Wallace’s “Ben-___”; 48. Develop gradually, 51. It might say “Welcome”, 52. Floored it, 59. Hawaiian Punch alternative, 60. Too trusting, 61. Employee’s desire, 62. ___ Miss, 63. Sheen. Down: 1. “Come to ___”, 2. Face-to-face exam, 3. Successor of St. Peter, 4. Functions, 5. For each, 6. Pasta has it, 8. Tattoo, slangily, 10. Item on a to-do list, 11. Pennsylvania university, for short; 12. “Piano Man” singer, 13. “Absolutely!”, 18. Sheet of cookies, 19. “Gotta hand ___ ya …”, 23. Menaces to hobbits, 24. ___ the Impaler, 25. Brunch serving, 27. Article in Arles, 28. Freeze over, 29. Lawman Earp, 30. “Inconceivable!”, 31. Plaintiff, 32. Letters on some invitations, 36. Ergo, 37. Actor and songwriter Novello, 38. Turner who led a revolt, 41. Obtuse’s opposite, 43. Become squishy, like chocolate; 44. Emotional, 45. Secret Service eyewear, 48. It may be heard in a tunnel, 49. Bit of bridal wear, 50. First word of “The Raven”, 51. Dallas team, to fans, 52. Survey, 53. Cause of a wince, 54. “Or ___!”, 55. A fawn is a young one, 57. Brazilian vacation destination, 58. ___ Lanka.

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