09.05.08 -- The Ghost of Summer

Ophelia - Antoine Auguste Ernest Hébert
Friday, September 5, 2008
Puzzle by Kevin G. Der, edited by Will Shortz
The specter of summer is stirring for a few last gasps before ushering itself into oblivion, and this Friday‘s crossword puzzle dances with the ghost.
Featuring two fourteen-letter entries, IM FEELING LUCKY (5D. Phrase on a Google search button) and PUTTING TO SLEEP (16D. Boring the pants off) as its longest, this chock-full-of-original-entries crossword is a paragon of ethereality as demonstrated by the group of ten entries consisting of nine letters -- ATOMICAGE (3D. Explosive time in history?); AUTOPILOT (15A. Unthinking state); CRAZYTALK (57A. Hogwash); CREDULOUS (18A. Dewy-eyed); HOMEMOVIE (2D. One often seen at a family reunion); MRWHIPPLE (32D. Noted shopper scolder); PINETREES (33D. Pitch sources); SEEAGHOST (38A. Get spooked, maybe); STRIKEOUT (53A. Whiff); WOODNYMPH (30A. Butterfly with black-and-white eyespots).
Seven-letter entries are CURACAO (7D. Ingredient in a Long Island iced tea); DIGINTO (35A. Go to work on); ILOSTIT (47A. Weak excuse for missing homework), MIMETIC (23A. Adept at apery); NIGERIA (37A. OPEC member); STIMULI (39D. Action preceder); six-letter entries, LOCALE (26A. Quarter); MTDANA (25A. Peak on the eastern edge of Yosemite Natl. Park); NOSHES (42A. Light bites); TALMUD (43A. Ancient text).
The largest group, that of five-letter entries, is represented by ALOHA (11D. 17-Across, Polynesian-style); ASTRO (44D. Introduction to biology?); ATSEA (13D. Not knowing what to do); CACTI (6D. Things with sticking points); EELED (58A. Went after some shocking things?); ESTAS (20A. Those along the Ebro?); EXPEL (55A. Boot); GMAIL (50A. AOL alternative); IMOFF (17A. “Toodles!”); ISAAC (49A. Biblical patriarch); IVANI (29A. 14th-century Russian ruler called “the Moneybag”); LARAS (45D. Singer Fabian and others); LATKE (48D. Applesauce-topped treat); MAIZE (46D. Pale yellow); MANIA (24D. Obsession); PRESS (61A. Juice extractor); ROUEN (12D. Hundred Years’ War siege site); SHARI (1A. Lewis with 12 Emmys); TAWNY (40A. Like lions and leopards); TEHEE (22A. Slightly amused reaction); TILED (10D. Like some counters); TISCH (43D. Former CBS C.E.O.); TOTEM (14A. Result of tribesmen putting their heads together?); YEAST (31D. You may get a rise out of it).
The fill -- AMOI (27A. Parisian possessive); CCUP (6A. Medium size in a lingerie shop); ETO (54D. W.W. II inits.); GOAD (50D. Poke); 34. Kansas‘ Fort HAYS State University; HOSE (59A. One may get kinky); LUST (One of seven in the film “Se7en“); LIDS (26D. Seal creators, sometimes); 25. MODI operandi; MONT (28D. Wyo. Neighbor); 42D. “NOI insist!”; ODIE (60A. Beagle in the funnies); OLDS (52D. Super 88, of the 1950s and ‘60s); POD (9D. Cacao plant feature); PRO (51A. Supportive of); REF (4D. Fairness determiner) and REM (19A. “Nightswimming“ band); 21. Paris‘s STE-Chapelle church; STIR (1D. Show signs of life); 10A. Ireland‘s Hill of TARA; THUD (36D. Sound after dropping off?); WOOS (30D. Goes after, in a way); XER (56D. “MTV generation“ member).
‘Tis the season, and one best batten down the hatches!
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