09.04.08 -- Schizophrenia

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by
Jerome Lagarrigue
Painted as an illustration for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Malt liquor. The malt beverage comes in two bottles, one white and one red, and half of this image above is on one bottle and half on the other and when you mix the two together you are suppose to get so wasted that you lose your Dr. Jekyll and turn into Mr. Hyde!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Puzzle by Matt Ginsberg, edited by Will Shortz

Schizophrenia (pronounced /ˌskɪtsəˈfriːniə/), from the Greek roots schizein (σχίζειν, "to split") and phrēn, phren- (φρήν, φρεν-, "mind")

DECIS (15A. With 16-Across, boxing result, often) and ION (15A. With 16-Across, boxing result, often); PERSON (23A. With 24-Across, curious case in psychology) and ALITY (24A. See 23-Across); SEC (38A. With 39-Across, instant) and OND (39A. See 38-Across); INFIN (48A. With 50-Across, grammatical infelicities) and ITIVES (50A. See 48-Across); THE (62A. With 63-Across, go Dutch) and CHECK (63A. See 62-Across) are the interrelated entries of this Thursday crossword.

In the newspaper itself, the above entries are clued in a different manner as opposed to that in AcrossLite, the software program at THE NEW YORK TIMES -- Crossword Puzzles and Games used here to print out and solve puzzles, which program disallows unusual numbering of clues.

The newspaper cluing -- Across: 15 & 16 Boxing result, often; 23 & 24 Curious case in psychology; 38 & 39 Instant; 48 & 50 Grammatical infelicities; 62 & 63 Go Dutch. So, between the two mediums, a further touch of schizophrenia!

Long unsplit entries include LEISURELY (18A. Slow); PRESCIENCE (20A. Delphic quality); ANDALUSIAN (57A. From southern Spain) and ROYALTIES (59A. Patent holder’s income), followed by REISSUE (4D. Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas,” again and again); TEENAGE (7D. Pubescent, say); SUNDECK (43D. Tanner’s locale); SKISUIT (44D. Attire that often includes a hood).

Middle-sized entries of six letters include UNCAGE (26A. Free); IDEALS (36A. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness); ZIPPED (41A. Sped [by]); TUKTUK (46A. Three-wheeled Indian taxi); NEOCON (5D. Hawk, maybe); ICICLE (8D. Makeshift dagger); INCHED (21D. Proceeded slowly); INSTIL (36D. Impart gradually: Var.); TINIER (46D. More minute); UTURNS (47D. Flip-flops).

Short stuff: Across: 1. Feature of an acacia tree; 6. 11. W.W. II hero, for short; 14. Historical biography that won a 1935 Pulitzer; 17. Certain feed; 28. Watch brand; 32. Where Nixon went to law school; 35. Much of central Eur., once; 37. Married; 40. Nod, say; 43. G.R.E. takers, generally: Abbr.; 44. Locale for four World Series; 45. The last 10% of 110%; 54. Quiet cough; 61. Total; 64. Comparatively considerate; 65. Seed alternative; 66. They’re usually washed separately; 67. Medical flow enhancer.

Down: 1. “The Sound of Music” name; 2. Soixante minutes; 3. “Wait till you’re OLDER" (parent’s reply); 6. Lay off; 9. American-born Japanese; 10. The Sun Devils, for short; 11. Diable battler; 12. Sweetie; 13. Irish singer with eight platinum U.S. albums; 19. Trample, for example; 25. Former E.P.A. chief Christine TODD Whitman; 27. It’s produced by a Tesla coil; 29. Singly; 30. Affix; 31. Where Melville’s Billy Budd went; 32. Not be alert; 33. Operating system developed at Bell Labs; 34. Stayed fresh; 38. Grammy-winning reggae artist SEAN Paul; 39. TV planet; 42. PRIMA facie; 49. Jazz’s Earl Hines, familiarly; 51. Wrestling promoter McMahon; 52. Gone, in a way; 53. Bar belt; 54. Wiles; 55. Twinkie alternative; 56. Assessed visually; 58. Poses posers; 60. Plasma alternative, briefly.

That’s it -- gotta split!


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Anonymous said...

Just a little pet peeve of mine: schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder (a.k.a. "split personality") are two entirely different psychiatric disorders.

DONALD said...

True enough and yet the usage lingers -- to quote Wikipedia:

"Despite its etymology, schizophrenia is not synonymous with dissociative identity disorder, previously known as multiple personality disorder or split personality; in popular culture the two are often confused."

Webster's also uses the word "separation" in it's attempt at a true definition.