09.07.08 -- PUN-DITRY

Sunday, September 7, 2008

PUN-DITRY, Puzzle by Randolph Ross, edited by Will Shortz

Nine entries of puns on titles of TV shows on which political pundits may appear are this Sunday crossword's main fare:
RELIABLESAUCES (24A. Program on which pundits talk about marinara and such?);
FAZETHENATION (32A. Program on which pundits say dumfounding things?);
(51A. Program on which pundits talk about hangings?);
(66A. Program on which pundits express indignant surprise?);
BEATTHEPRESS (84A. Program on which pundits slug it out with reporters?);
(99A. Program on which pundits kvetch?);
(113A. Program on which pundits deride the power of the federal government?);
KNIGHTLINE (19D. Program on which pundits talk about Camelot?);
(69D. Program on which pundits talk for 48 straight hours?).
As groans go, this one is a real groaner!

AIRS (1A. Goes on TV) heads the across entries -- the remaining clues: 5. Kublai Khan and others; 12. Barkeep’s supply; 18. Transports, in a way; 21. Place to make an omelet; 22. Studio behind the original “Star Trek” ; 23. Protected; 26. Easily makes the hole with, in golf; 27. Trapper’s ware; 28. Walloped, quickly; 29. Hydroelectric org.; 30. Venice’s Bridge of SIGHS; 37. You might not be able to stand this; 39. Big winner at the casino; 41. Home of 14-Down; 42. All: Prefix; 43. Bass ALE; 44. Possessor of many rings; 45. Late bloomer; 47. Suffix with viol; 49. Easily concealed weapon; 56. Sulu player on “Star Trek”; 57. “The Wild Duck” dramatist; 59. Got dark; 50. At all; 62. Leave rubber, with “out”; 63. Indians play it; 65. Exasperated exclamations; 71. Kwik-E-Mart clerk; 73. Earring type; 74. Afternoon hour; 75. Personal ad abbr.; 76. Kind of winds; 79 Tuscan province; 80. Old Dodges; 87. Passed out in a bad way; 90. Start of a Vol. 1 heading; 91. I do’s; 92. When Zeno; 93. Life overseas; 94. Brooding sort; 96. Pollster Roper; 97. Analyze; 98. Wood for bows; 104. Buffoons; 106. “Who AMI?! (song from “Les Miz”); 107. Mens REA (criminal intent); 108. Works at a museum; 110. Worrier’s words; 118. Old cash register key; 119. Answer the call; 120. It may be a lot; 121. Waxes; 122. Commentator Myers; 123. Have; 124. Would be J.D.’s exam.

ATIT (1D. Words after hard or keep) leads the down entries -- the remaining clues: 2. IRMA Thomas, the Soul Queen of New Orleans; 3. Cut of beef; 4. “Pardon me, Pasquale”; 5. Sticker abbr.; 6. Michael of “Caddyshack”; 7. Nabisco NILLA wafer; 8. Ostentation; 9. Commercial suffix with Motor; 10. Med. Country; 11. The Cards, on scoreboards; 12. Has way too much of slangily; LEADA double life; 14. Cyclones’ sch.; 15. A role some people play; 16. Control surface on a plane’s wing; 17. NPR newswoman Stamberg; 20. Lady of Brazil; 25. Just makes, with “out”; 31. One who says “See you in court!”; 33. In the stomach; 34. Govt. gangbusters; 35. Lifesaver, e.g.; 36. TOTHE max; 37. History; 38. Michigan college; 40. Not quite good enough for the majors, say; 45. Addled; 46. Nonkosher food; 47. Actor Jason of the Harry Potter films; 48. Volleyball action; 50. Matriarch of six of the 12 Tribes of Israel; 52. One of Chekhov’s “Three Sisters”; 53. ONOR before; 54. 180; 55. Map lines: Abbr.; 58. Attention getter; 61. Start of a pirate chant; 63. Miler turned congressman; 64. Many ski chalets; 66. Sushi staple; 67. Improve; 68. Loamy soil; 70. “All OFME” (Tomlin film); 71. State dept. figure; 72. Dupin’s creator; 77. Strong position; 78. Giant star of the 1930s and ‘40s; 79. Big East’s SETON Hall; 81. Specialists in special ops; 82. “Why would ILIE?”; 83. Dither; 85. Sport with a 4 ½-ounce ball; 86. Cine- suffix; 88. “The most beautiful woman ever to visit Casablanca”; 89. Years on the diamond; 94. Decent; 95. Isolate; 96. Time online, for example; 97. Harshly bright; 99. Cut a cord, say; 100. Present itself; 101. Musical matchmaker; 102. Certain caucuser; 103. Beatrice, to Leonato, in “Much Ado About Nothing”; 105. Subject of the book “Disaster in Dearborn”; 109. Tube lineup; 111. “…and to ALLA good-night”; 112. What’s left; 114. Covered up; 115. Big load; 116. “Double Fantasy” singer; 117. Safety equipment.

Going, going... groan!


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