09.26.08 -- No Sweat

Richard Harris in "A Man Called Horse", 1970
Friday, September 26, 2008
Puzzle by Barry Silk, edited by Will Shortz
Five fifteen-letter across entries are the main feature of this Friday crossword:
NOBELPEACEPRIZE (15. King’s honor);
CIAHEADQUARTERS (17. Where moles may try to dig?);
STATIONARYORBIT (34. An artificial satellite may have one);
Devious clues abound, e.g., 10D. Roll top?, SPREAD; 14D. Kite flying destination?, NEST; 24A. Ones at home on the range?, BAKERS; 24D. Beat badly, BASTE; 26D. Sluggish tree dweller, KOALA; 28D. Passing remark, NOBID; 32D. Game stopper?, SNARE; 49D. Deconstruct?, RAZE; 54D. One doing school work?, ELBE (18A. Hamburger's course?); DEAN -- take your pick, there are others.
EREI and ERIE are newly dressed as 22D. “A special laurel EREI go”: Whitman; and 52D. War of 1812 siege site. Shortzesque clues are given to adjacent entries of OWED (36D. Was shy) and RANSHORT (37D. Was shy). Odd initials/letter-groupings occur with AQI (16D. Smog stat.); WII (19A. Xbox 360 Competitor); ABAB (3D. Like many of Shakespeare’s rhymes), 23A. Den HAAG, Nederland, joining the usual quota of fill -- ANCE, EMIT, ESTE, EZRA (13D. Book concerned with the end of the Babylonian captivity), HAPS (47D. Occurrences), HEED, HEX, ICU, ILE, LAD (56D. Sprout), MENA (21A. Actress Suvari), OHS, PIER, RARE, 32A. Muralist Jose Maria SERT; SIN, SLR, TIL, TADS, and appropriately, VARY (39A. Modulate).
ATAVISM (1A. Reversion to an earlier type), surely a showy useless word for conversation, leads the remaining entries which include ASONE (31A. Integrated); ASTIN (25D. John of Freaky Friday”); BRONZE (42D. Like the Colossus of Rhodes); CHIVE (29D. Vichyssoise garnish); ENABLERS (41A. “Friends” who aren’t really being helpful); ESTER (30D. Vegetable oil e.g.); GANDHI (44D. Leader who said “There is no god higher than truth”); GENDER (44A. Basis of some discrimination); HARRY (23D. Plague); HEROIC (47A. Stout); ITSOPEN (8A. Shout after a knock); LAICAL (43D. Flock-related); 7D. MEDIA circus; 11D. Katherine ORTEGA, 1983-89 Treasurer of the United States; OVERCAME (35D. Mastered); PEERAT (20A. Attempt to make out); SIXTEEN (60A. It’s a square); SPAWNS (6D. Generates); STEELED (59A. Ready for the bad news); TEAPARTY (9D. Occasion to serve light refreshments); TIEGS (46D. Model who wrote “The Way to Natural Beauty”); WAIVE (40A. Yield); VEHEMENT (4D. Very strong); WARDANCE (27A. Victory celebration, of sorts); and WEARS (27D. Models).
All in all, a bit gnarly, but no TOIL (2D. Sweat)!
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