09.28.08 -- 'Twas Puzzling

Mosaic, the Letter T
Sunday, September 28, 2008
‘TWAS PUZZLING, Puzzle by Cathy Allis Millhauser, edited by Will Shortz
Well, I just laughed out loud at several of the following -- THETWITCHINGHOUR (23A. When jerks come out?); DESSERTTWINE (38A. String around a cake box?); THETWEAKERSEX (53A. Men or women who pinch?); THESOULOFTWIT (78A. Nerd’s essence?); FLIPONESTWIG (95A. Roast the other side of the marshmallow?); YOUCANTTWINEMALL (113A. Discouraging comment to a cloner?); TWEEDKILLER (36D. Moth, perhaps?); LIVINGTWILL (41D. Fabric that really breathes?).
This is a delightful Sunday crossword puzzle, full of sensible entries and fair clues with enough twists and turns to be a joyous challenge. Liked seeing WIGWAM (97D. Native American home) instead of the usual TEPEE -- other stuff, TOWNIE (45D Off-campus local); COLORFAST (82A. Unlikely to run); SNOWS (15D. Bamboozles); SKINNY (62A. Dope) -- take your pick.
ESTAS (57D. These, to Juan) atop ESTATES (92D. Subjects of many legal battles); GLORYBE (108A. “Praise the Lord!”) in the same corner with 124A. “Land SAKES!”; ANGELINA (47A. Texas county, river or forest that’s a girl’s first name) and ADELAIDE (89A. Capital of South Australia); and then there’s BLTS (34A. Nonkosher sandwiches) and DIPS (33A. Some people or food at parties).
People and other beings in the puzzle include AMIS (6A. Some foreign pen pals); ARLO (77A. One of Woody’s stock at Woodstock); a BRAT (34D. Uncouth youth); DARRYL (43D. Strawberry of note); DINO (33D. The Flintstones’ pet); DIOR (58A. “New Look” designer of 1947); ELIE (111D. “Night” author Wiesel); EVAN (119A. “Almighty” title role for Steve Carell); INGA (102A. Teri Garr’s “Young Frankenstein” role); ITT (74D. Addams family cousin); KOUFAX (63D. Pitcher of a perfect game, 9/9/65); LDS (116D. Mormons, initially); LEANN (91D. Rimes with the 1996 hit “Blue”); LECH (35D. Poland’s Walesa); MATE (50D. Outback buddy); NALA (22A. “The Lion King” lioness); a NEWBIE (29A. Novice); NORA (31A. “A Doll’s House” wife); PHIL (104D. Dr. with advice in O magazine); a PRIEST (104A. Certain celebrant); a RAJAH (55D. Nagpur noble); ROXIE (19A. Song sung by Gwen in Broadway’s “Chicago”); STAUB (61D. Rusty on the diamond); TESH (20A. Radio host/pianist John); and TRU (13D. Play about Capote).
The remains across: 1. Butcher shop purchase; 10. Photo paper option; 15. [How dare you!]; 21. Greek market of old; 26. X out; 27. Pertinent to the discussion; 28. Kind of dialysis; 32. Wishes undone; 44. Moistens again; 46. Once-in-a-lifetime exchange, maybe; 49. Vinegar: Prefix; 50. AOL alternative; 52. Bridge; 59. Charity’s urging; 60. Orbital point; 64. Appeal to; 66. Penseur’s thought; 67. Speck; 68. Prefix with -crat; 70. Hair stuff; 71. Mushroom stalks; 73. Dress-up costume piece; 75. Month in a Faulkner title; 87. Legal eagles’ org.; 88. Come up; 90. French Polynesia constituents; 93. Lauds; 94. Thrice, in prescriptions; 99. Novelist’s need; 100. W.W. II gun; 101. “Let’s just leave ITAT that”; 107. Legislative assemblies; 112. A leveret is a young one; 117. IZOD Center, home of the New Jersey Nets; 118. Pertaining to hair; 120. Caustic; 121. Eye part; 122. Desirable places; 123. Kind of difference oxymoronically.
Down: 1. Monitor type, for short; 2. Jolly laugh; 3. Yak pack; 4. Big East Conference team, for short; 5. Attach, as a patch; 6. Invitation information specification; 7. Gathering points; 8. Suffix with book; 9. Like some eggs or cloth; 10 They’re attractive, but not necessarily to each other; 11. Shocked; 12. Awl, for one; 14. Salary; 16. Gyro meat; 17. “Others” in a Latin phrase; 18. Crown; 24. Apple pocketfuls; 25. Transmitter starter?; 30. Fencing swords; 37. Altercation; 39. Trig ratio; 40. Sun Tzu’s “The Art of WAR”; 42. Low tie; 48. City near Milan; 51. Shooting sport; 52. Second-century year; 54. St. Louis’s EADS Bridge; 56. Fern germ; 62. Utah’s lily; 64. “Vigilant ASACAT to steal cream”: Falstaff; 65. Walked with a purpose; 69. Wahine’s dance; 72. Shooting game; 76. Spaghetti STRAP; 79. Hops kiln; 80. Analogy phrase; 81. Battery part; 83. A large number; 84. JPEG or text; 85. Score just before victory, maybe; 86. Fall mo.; 90. Weeping; 93. Goad; 96. Garage container; 98. Waiting at the bank, say; 100. Beginnings; 103. Localities; 105. Level; 106. Monopoly game token; 107. Whine; 109. Place to play b-ball; 110. Give orders like a drill sergeant; 114. Fact finisher; 115. Hydroelectric org.
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