09.09.08 -- Tom, Dick and Harry

Tom, Dick & Harry, Pet Portraits
Tuesday, September 9, 2008
Puzzle by Patrick John Duggan, edited by Will Shortz
TOMDICKANDHARRY (17A. Anybody … and the missing clues for 30-, 48- and 63-Across), MALETURKEY (30A. ???), PRIVATEEYE (48A. ???) and ANNOYCONSTANTLY (63A. ???) are the interrelated entries of this Tuesday crossword.
VAVAVOOM (39D. “Sex-x-xy!”) and STARTREK (10D. 1960s TV series with numerous spinoffs) at eight letters, ALCHEMY (5D. Middle Ages pseudoscience) and TEENTSY (46D. Wee) at seven, are the only other long entries.
Along with Tom, Dick and Harry, people in the puzzle include ALOU (51A. Slugger Moises), 56D. “ANNA Karenina”, BARD (24D. Shakespeare, e.g.), BEAV (54A. Wally’s little bro), DRJ (40A. N.B.A. Hall-of-Fame nickname), ELGAR (28D. Composer heard at graduations), ELIEL (33D. Architect Saarinen), JAYZ (41D. Rap star who co-owns the New Jersey Nets), KEENE (32D. Carolyn who wrote Nancy Drew mysteries), LOEB (23A. Singer Lisa with the 1994 #1 hit “Stay”), LORNE (31D. Michaels of “S.N.L.”), a MINOR (66A. Teen, maybe), POOH (2D. Hundred Acre Wood denizen), POPS (67A. Daddy-o), a PYRO (36A. Firebug), a SNOB (58D. Name-dropping sort), a STOIC (44D. One who bites the bullet), 37. 1980s TV’s “Remington STEELE”, a SUNNER (50D. Person in a solarium), VERA (11D. Designer Wang), YENTL (34D. Barbra Streisand title role).
MODELT (4D. Old car that was famously available in black, black … or black) is the best clued entry of the six-letter group which includes CARATS (43A. Ring figures?), EUROPE (49D. Area in a grand tour), NONEED (59A. “Don’t bother”), SHEESH (20A. “Cut me some slack!”) and TENURE (8D. Fire insurance?).
69A. ADAMS apple heads the entries of five letters and less: ABIT, AGAVE (38A Tequila source), AHME (3D. “Oy vey“), ALT, ATARI, ATEAT, BAMA, BOA, BOK, DIETS (19D. Loses on purpose), DYES, EASE, EBAY, ELSE, ENID, ETAT, IRAQ, IRS, ISO, LORE, NAACP (27D. Org. co-founded by W.E.B. Du Bois), NATO, NET, NEAT, NUTSO (26D. Bananas), QUI, PART, PETAL, RATE, RENT, RSVPS, RTES, SELL, SKEIN, SOHO, SPA, SPAM, SSTS, STYE and ZEBU (52A Domesticated ox in India).
Here’s the song from the musical Kiss Me Kate -- Tom, Dick or Harry!
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TEEN PUZZLEMAKER WEEK -- Note: All the daily crosswords this week, Monday through Saturday, have been contributed by puzzlemakers under the age of 20. Today’s crossword is by Patrick John Duggan, 19, of Arlington, Va. He is a second-year-student at Boston University. This is his second puzzle for The Times.
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