09.23.08 -- Hot Water

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Puzzle by Richard Chisholm, edited by Will Shortz
INHOTWATER (61A. Where 17-, 29-, 38- and 44-Across often wind up) is a connecting entry for LAWBREAKER (17A. One risking arrest); TEALEAVES (29A. Some seers read them); DIRTYDISHES (36A. Sink items); and SPAGHETTI (44A. Trattoria offering), the main featured entries of this little Tuesday potboiler of a puzzle.
ASWARM (3D. Teeming, as with bees) with activity, this crossword is full of conversation and emotion -- ASIDO (56A. “Like me”); IDOTOO (49D. “Same goes for me”); 10A. “INA pig’s eye!”; JEER (66A. Razz); GAZE (10A. Intent look); RIOT (16A. Barrel of laughs); CLASH (25D. Lock horns); WRING (48A. Twist, as a wet cloth or a neck); WALLOP (52A. Beat but good); LOLL (65A. Stretch out on a sofa, say); MOOD (59A. Frame of mind); NAES (8D. Glasgow denials); 26. “SEX sells”; HOWNOW (38D. Query to a brown cow); with a splash of SPAM (1A. In-box clogger) on the AIRWAVES (11D. Radio hosts’ medium) and a final DIALTONE (36D. Sound after a hang-up).
People in the puzzle include an ADMAN (28A. Madison Ave. worker); ANNE (63A. Author Rice); ARI (31D. “Exodus” hero); a CPA (41D. Balancer of the books, for short); EDW (22A. One of eight Eng. Kings); ELKE (7D. Actress Sommer); 5. Painter El GRECO; IAN (61D. Author McEwan); IDIOTS (47D. Numbskulls); a MAJ (59D. Capt.’s superior); the MOB (4D. Group with enforcers, with “the”); ONE (60D. Unnamed person); REA (42A. Stephen of “Michael Collins”); the oldest living recipient of an Academy Award at 98 years, RAINER (18D. Two-time Oscar winner Luise); and the brilliant ZOE (12D. Actress Caldwell).
Remaining longer entries -- CREASE (25A. Trousers feature); DINEDON (53A. Had for dinner); GLIDER (45D. Quiet aircraft); GNARLY (51D. Very cool, in slang); GRADEA (10D. First-class); LEARNT (6D. Found out, British-style); NOVELS (50D. Dickens output); PLANED (2D. Made smooth); SALIVA (1D. Drool, basically); VERSION (23A. The “V” in K.J.V.).
The rest -- ACRES, ALP, ALSO, ANITA, ANNO, AREA, CPA, EIRE and ERE, ETA, EXT, GLENS, HOI and HOP, IDTAG, INA, NOMSG, NRA, OVA, POSY, RELAY, RES, SARI, SCI, SHIM (57D. It keeps things on the level), SSW, STREP, SYR, TIP, YET, and ENDAT (30A. Conclude by).
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Xword search information -- Across: 5. Secluded valleys; 14. To boot; 15. Race with handoffs; 19. Environs; 21. Farm size measure; 32. In medias ___; 34. Gun lobby org.; 35. Phone no. abbr.; 40. Geol. Or astron.; 55. Part of an iceberg that’s visible; 58. Egg cells; 64. Santa ___ Derby (annual horse race); 67. Note on a Chinese menu; 68. Nosegay. Down: 9. Neighbor of Isr.; 13. When a flight is due in: Abbr.; 22. Bard’s “before”; 24. Calcutta wrap; 27. Superlative finish; 33. Throat ailment; 37. So far; 39. Home of County Clare; 40. N.Y.C.-to-Miami dir.; 41. Balancer of the books, for short; 46. Bygone school dance; 54. Dog collar attachment; 56. ___ Domini; 57. It keeps things on the level; 62. Peak seen from Zurich.


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Not Rea?

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Thanks -- My fingers frequently get twisted with REAs and RAEs