01.19.09 -- A Chip Off the Old Block

PRETTY BOY (33D. Candidate for male modeling)
Monday, January 19, 2009
Puzzle by Tracey Snyder, edited by Will Shortz
CHIP (52D. Word that can follow the ends of 17-, 27-, 43- and 57-Across) along with NATALIE WOOD (17A. “Splendor in the Grass” actress), HOME COMPUTER (27A. Telecommuter’s need), HOT CHOCOLATE (43A. Drink with a marshmallow) and COUCH POTATO (57A. Common remote control holder) are the interrelated entries of this delightful Monday crossword!
This puzzle is alive! PRETTY BOY (33D. Candidate for male modeling), a chip off the old BLOC (37D. Voting group), 49D. Spitting IMAGE of his father, unlike NERO (32D. Adopted son of Claudius), a SWEDE (65A. Stockholm native) and one of the SOPHS (42A. Second-year students, for short), suffers SIEGE (1A. Prolonged attack) from LEWD (7D. Smutty) SCUM (54D. Pond gunk), LECHES (45D. Dirty old men) with inflated EGO (9D. Freud subject) and PSY (63A. Freud subj.) out to FLEECE (6D. Sheep’s coat) the RED CAPS (10D. Station porters) with a LEU (22D. Romanian money) for CHANCES (41D. Odds) at the TRACK (47A. Train’s place) to ENSUE (61A. Happen as a consequence) at a PACE (39A. Kind of car seen at Indy) to a SPEED TRAP (11D. Ticket locale) hitting RUTS (563D. What wagon wheels may make) driving home from the HUB (56A. Atlanta, for Delta) with a FLIER (6A. Pilot) who RAPS (34A. Emulates Eminem) the ETA (48A. Pilot’s announcement, for short) UNEDITED (20A. Like raw film) and SEEMS (64A. Looks like) like a CLOD (41A. Blockhead) compared to the SCOTSMEN (54D. Most kilt wearers) who UNPIN (31D. Remove a fastener from) HIM (27D. That guy) to relieve his SINUS (1D. It may be block when you have a cold) and SNORE (51D. Sound asleep?).
24A. “Hold on a SEC!”, 60A. “What was ITO think?”, 40A. “ARE we there yet?” Who BAAED (25A. Bleated)? Out on a LEDGE (15A. Pigeon’s perch), TORN (13D. Of two minds) and CRYIN (52A. Aerosmith hit with the lyric “Love is sweet misery”) like a character from ELLISON (5D. Ralph who wrote “Invisible Man”) or POE (39D. "The Fall of the House of Usher" writer), with ROGER (62A. Critic Ebert) in tow. INALL (14A. Counting everything), EACH (29D. Apiece) ONE (59D. Long-distance number starter) placed ATOP (46D. Perched on) STATORS (42D. Fixed parts of motors) made everyone GLAD (4D. Happy) they’d EATEN (3D. Consumed) their RYES (30D. Loaves with seeds), praying 37. “Lord, BLESS this food” (grace words) while in UTAH (31D. Where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held) festooned with 44. Dernier CRI (latest fashion) BOAS (25D. Feathery scarves).
An ITEM (18D. News bit) from a first-TERM (36A. Six years, for a 23-Across) SEN (23A. One of 100 in D.C.) was PRO (16A. In favor of) placing a 38D. Combination LOCK on the AREA (12D. Geographical statistic) EER (19A. Always, in verse) the AMPS (D. Concert equipment) in STOW (55D. Pack away) disappear while a RAY (35A. Tampa Bay baseball) SAT (11A. Used a stool) sending IMS (49A. Some AOL communications) of his CREDO (28D. Words to live by) -- acknowledging that all but IDO (8D. Altar vow) is METED (50D. Parceled out) and in USE (59D. Exhaust, with “up”).
If this seems INANE (2D. Nonsensical), well... it’s a chip off the old block -- one very lively crossword!
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