01.31.09 -- ESP?

mentalist on a stage apron in a mind-reading performance, 1900.
Saturday, January 31, 2009
Puzzle by Ken Bessette, edited by Will Shortz
On an apron between the wings...
Ten letter entries -- ADAPTATION (58A. Evolutionary process);
ERECTORSET (63A. Toy with blueprints); KOOLAIDMAN (17A. Ad pitcher who’s really a pitcher); MOVIETITLE (61A. Marquee name); ONTHESTAGE (15A. Between wings); PASSTHEHAT (1A. Seek change?).
Nine-letter --
ANASTASIA (30D. Bergman title role); EMAILLIST (13D. Spammer’s resource); HARDSHIPS (29A. Trials); HONESTABE (29D. Copper head?); RAINMAKER (12D. Indian tribe V.I.P.); RENTALCAR (31D. Terminal offering); RESTSEASY (14D. Stops stewing); STAGPARTY (40A. No place for a lady).
Seven --
ANDRESS (37A. Player of the first Bond girl); HAMITUP (8D. Hot-dog); ONEUNIT (36A. Blood drive quantity); THEWAVE (41D. Stand-up routine?).
Six -- ESTEEM (42A. Hold up);
EUREKA (19A. College of the Redwoods locale); MADAME (43D. One of a couple at a French restaurant); SESAME (56A. Kind of beef or chicken); TAMALE (27A. Dish with cornhusks); TENANT (10D. Kind of farmer), keeping TENET company.
Five --
AGAVE (9D. Pita source); 51D. Whac-AMOLE (carnival game); 2D. Have ANOUT (not be trapped); ASTIR (49D. Still no longer); FODOR (47D. Travel writer Eugene); GAITS (50D. They’re shown at horse shows); NAGAT (48A. Badger); NANCE (39A. Actor Jack); NEATO (48D. Swell); NOKIA (35A. Big name in cells); POKES (1D. Dawdling sorts); SAABS (34D. Automotive debuts of 1949); SAFES (46A. Combinations’ locations); SANDP (24D. Market yardstick, for short); SNEES (33D. Bygone stickers); SHLEP (4D. Cart); SPITS (23D. Hot rods?); STENS (23A. Weapons once produced extensively by the Royal Arms Factory) and STEPS (22A. They have their ups and downs), along with the clue for DOW; STORE (3D. Link in a chain?); TEAKS (5D. Trees of the verbena family); TENET (52D. Something a believer believes), keeping TENANT company.
Four --
ASCI (57A. Fungal spore cases); BIAS (60A. Diagonal); BLTS (11D. Short orders?); BRER (11A. Southern appellation); DUCE (32D. Italian leader); EARS (62A. They’re near temples); HSIA (6D. Early Chinese dynasty); KISS (54D. It’s often planted); LAME (16A. Showy wear); MORA (28D. Last name of father-and-son N.F.L. coaches); SNIT (21A. Red state?); STET (56D. Keep in); TALK (53A. Yak); TIAS (18A. Some familia members).
Three --
AHI (26D. Yellowfin, on Hawaiian menus); 26A. Satyajit Ray’s “The APU Trilogy”; DOW (55A. It has its ups and downs, with “the”), along with the clue for STEPS; ETD (7D. Capt.’s announcement); HBO (44A. “Thrilla in Manilla” airer); 20A. IVA Archer, with whom Sam Spade had an affair; MLS (25A. Chicago Fire’s sports org.); 38D. NGO Dinh Diem (first president of South Vietnam); PIC (59D. Shot); STA (45A. Timetable listing: Abbr.).
... ESP? (Excellent Saturday Puzzle)!
Relativity by MC Escher
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