01.28.09 -- Maid Inn Tie Juan

Devil Satan, Made in Taiwan
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Puzzle by Michael Langwald, edited by Will Shortz
CHILDSTOYS (60A. Bearers of a phrase suggested by saying the starts of 17-, 24-, 38- and 49-Across), along with MAIDMARIAN (17A. Robin Hood’s love), INNKEEPER (24A. One at the front desk, perhaps), TIEGAME (38A. Nail-biter, perhaps) and JUANPERON (49A. Leader deposed in 1955) constitute a paronomastic conglomeration of interrelated homophonic-first-word entries -- the main feature of this Wednesday crossword. In plain English, “Maid Inn Tie Juan.”
People in the Puzzle: EDNA (56D. Novelist Ferber) and ERNO (13A. Puzzlemaker Rubik); EMMAPEEL (1960s role for Diana Rigg); the eponymous
HANES (14A. Big name in briefs); INO (54A. Rescuer of Odysseus); LEANN (8D. Rimes of country music) and LIAM (59A. Writer O’Flaherty); MEL (23A. Blanc who voiced Porky Pig); MORE (67A. Thomas who wrote “Utopia”); NILS (48D. Rock’s Lofgren); RENEE (11D. Zellweger of “Nurse Betty”); RODGERS (4D. “Blue Moon” composer); STPAT (33A. Parade honoree, familiarly); TINYTIM (44D. Dickens lad); TRAPP (38D. “The Sound of Music” family name); and an UNNAMED (42D. Like a ghostwriter) SUSPECT (9D. Any character in Clue).
Mid-size entries -- AWNINGS (47A. Storefront shaders); 56A.
ELYSEE (French president’s home); ENIGMATIC (3D. Tough to figure out); HEARTEN (25A. Cheer up); ONASPREE (21A. Frolicking); PEGGED (20A. Identified); PIANOSOLO (34D. "Layla" has one).
Five-and-less-letter entries --
AGOG (35D. Totally wowed) and AMAZE (51D. Totally wow); BEECH (46D. Nut producer); EDGER (12D. Neatening tool); HAVEN (63A. Safe place); INTEL (24D. Major chipmaker); JELLO (49D. Molded fare); OCCUR (41A. Come to mind); OLIVE (53D. Place for pimiento); REHAB (52D. Dry out, in a way); SARAN (32D. Wrap in a roll); SENSE (22D. Pick up on); SNAKE (15D. Plumber’s tool; UMIAK (50D. Eskimo boat); UNION 7D. Men in blue); and USURP (10D. Take forcibly).
Short stuff -- AGO (and AGOG), ALTS, BETA, ELEC, ENC, EPI, ESSE, EYER, HALO, IGO, ILES, IRAE, LAZE, LEI and LET, LORE, MEW, NAB, OAR, OKED, PTAS (and STPAT), SOUL, SUNG, SURE, TAOS and TOSS, TEMP, TIER, USED (16A. Played for a cat‘s-paw).
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. Level; 5. Record store section; 9. “Natch!”; 19. Like some telegrams; 28. Business letter abbr.; 29. Relief map figs.; 30. Some fund-raising orgs.; 37. Ring around the collar?; 43. It’s handed down; 44. Pueblo dweller; 45. Catch in the act; 62. Kick back; 64. Specks in the Seine; 65. Gave the nod; 66. Test version. Down: 1. Fill-in; 2. “Dies ___”; 6. Galley need; 25. Symbol of goodness; 26. It may be D.C.; 27. Prefix with center; 31. Way back when; 36. Deep-six; 39. Copy cats?; 57. One who’s “just looking”; 58. Latin 101 verb; 61. Rent out.

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