01.25.09 -- Fiddle Dee Dee!

Fiddle Dee Dee!
Sunday, January 25, 2009
FIDDLE DEE DEE, Puzzle by Michael Torch, edited by Will Shortz
In this Sunday crossword, substituting DD for TT results in the interrelated entries of UDDER NONSENSE (22A. Dairy frivolity?); PUDDIN ON THE RITZ (40A. Creamy dessert atop a cracker, informally?); CADDY REMARKS (56A. Advice for golfers?); SHUDDER SPEED (61A. Measure of reaction to horror?); LADDER DAY SAINTS (80A. Guardians of a house painters’ celebration?); ONLINE BEDDING (102A. Linens purchased through a Web site?); BIDDER COLD (2D. Why the eBay user was laid up?); FADDY ACIDS (69D. Trendy lab hazards?). None of the remaining entries in the puzzle are more than eight letters.
Across: 1. Objects of core workouts, ABS; 4. Carousing, ONASPREE; 12. Certain audio download, PODCAST; 9. Goof, SLIP; 20. Landlord’s schedule, RENTROLL; 21. Refrigerator compartment, CRISPER; 24. Extra, TOSPARE; 25. Default subjects, BADLOANS; 26. “Scrubs” actor Braff, ZACH; 28. Living LARGE; 29. Dakota du Nord et du Sud, par exemple, ETATS; 30. Mekong River locale, LAOS; 32. Chosen, ANOINTED; 35. Moved with purpose, STRODE; 37. Cardinal, MAIN; 38. Creep around, SNEAK; 39. Place, LOCUS; 46. “How could INOT?”; 47. Labyrinth parts, WALLS; 48. Root of government, ELIHU; 49. Gen. Robt. ELEE; 50. Guy’s date, GAL; 51. Monkey, pony or alligator, DANCE; 52. QB Rodney, PEETE; 53. Leading, AHEAD; 54. Source of the word “clan”, OLDIRISH; 58. Home of the Excelsior Mts., NEV; 59. New York town with Playland amusement park, RYE; 60. Swamp, FEN; 67. Succeeding, GOINGFAR; 72. Smoothed, EASED; 73. Sushi supplier, EELER; 74. With 78-Across, stated desire of many a Miss America, WORLD; 75. Home to Ohio Northern University, ADA; 76. “Zip-ADEE-Doo-Dah”; 77. Overused, BANAL; 78. See 74-Across, PEACE; 79. Vitamin amts., RDAS; 83. Evade; DODGE; 84. Where races are won and lost, MEETS; 85. Some TV screens, LCDS; 86. Acted like an ass, BRAYED; 87. Red carpet affair, PREMIERE; 91. Adobe material, CLAY; 92. “TOORA-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral”; 93. Support, as an embankment, REVET; 94. Losing admiral in the Battle of the Falkland Islands, 1914, SPEE; 96. Disposable bathroom item, DIXIECUP; 99. Tipped off, ALERTED; 105. Actress Beverly who played Patsy Cline in “Coal Miner’s Daughter”, DANGELO; 106. Avoid, as a sleeping dog, maybe, STEPOVER; 107. Annexes, ADDS; 108. Chose to participate, OPTEDIN; 109. Sponges, TOSSPOTS; 110. General on Chinese menus, TSO.
Down: 1. Pierce player on TV, ALDA; 3. Clarified, in England, SPELTOUT; 4. Plain’s opposite, ORNATE; 5. Some signs, NEONS; 6. St. ANNS Head Lighthouse (Welsh landmark); 7. Blvds., STS; 8. Historic leader?, PRE; 9. Pasta brand, RONZONI; 10. Style expert Klensch and others, ELSAS; 11. Engineering subj., ELEC; 12. Part of A.P.R.: Abbr., PCT; 13. Conquistador’s plunder, ORO; 14. Aversion, DISLIKE; 15. “Washington Journal” airer, CSPAN; 16. Separated, APART; 17. Suit material, SERGE; 18. In a tough position, TREED; 19. Hero, SUB; 23. Pikes, e.g., ROADS; 27.Fox News opinionator, HANNITY; 30. Dish out, LADLE; 31. Assists, AIDS; 33. Infernal, NETHER; 34. Home of Wheeler Army Airfield, OAHU; 35. County next to Mayo, SLIGO; 36. Like the Chinese language, TONAL; 37. Gardener’s bagful, MULCH; 38. Having a bottom, SOLED; 40. Oil receptacles, PANS; 41. Obligatory, NEEDED; 42. Put back up, REHANG; 43. Robert of “The Sopranos”, ILER; 44. Patio furniture wood, TEAK; 45. Snore symbols in England, ZEDS; 47. Relinquish, WAIVE; 51. Judge DREDD, Stallone title role; 52. Check writer, PAYER; 53. Alter, AMEND; 56. Anglers’ baskets, CREELS; 57. Submit tax returns via the Net, EFILE; 61. Circus performer, SEAL; 62. We HADA ball!”; 63. New’s opposite, USED; 64. Schoolbook, READER; 65. Deliberative bodies, SENATES; 66. Halfback option and Hail Mary, PLAYS; 67. Sources of milk for chèvre cheese, GOATS; 69. Tolkien monsters, ORCS; 70. Saw, ADAGE; 71. Demolished, in Essex, RASED; 74. Fast-food eponym, WENDY; 77. “Desperate Housewives” role, BREE; 78. 12-point type, PICA; 70. Really enjoyed, as a joke, ROAREDAT; 81. Put out, EMITTED; 81. Genotype determinants, ALLELES; 83. Intelligent bot, DROID; 86. Some underwear, BOXERS; 87. Place to see Goyas, PRADO; 88. Pass once more, RELAP; 89. Schedule listing, EVENT; 90. Sign near a freeway entrance, MERGE; 91. Italian 100, CENTO; 92. “The roof of the world”, TIBET; 95. Assignment, POST; 96. Rock group whose members wear red flowerpots on their heads, DEVO; 97. Take back, UNDO; 98. Some film ratings, PGS; 100. Clockmaker Terry, ELI; 101. Dress in, DON; 103. Tape player spec: Abbr. IPS; 104. Alphabet trio, NOP.
Fiddle dee dee, INDEED (55D. “Definitely!”)…
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