01.11.09 -- OBAMA

Sunday, January 11, 2009
MAKING HISTORY, Puzzle by David J. Kahn, edited by Will Shortz
STATES WON BY BARACK OBA[MA] (46A. With 90-Across, what the 28 circled squares in this puzzle represent) [IN] THE PRESI[DE]NT[IA]L ELE[CT]ION (90A. See 46-Across) and the circled squares containing two-letter abbreviations of states in across order -- NY, WA, WI, NH, NM, NC, IL, HI, MD, MA, ME, RI, CA, FL, OH, NJ, VA, IN, DE, IA, CT, OR, MI, VT, CO, CN, PA, MN -- comprise the interrelated entries of this pre-inaugural crossword. The Obama nation!
HA[IL] TO THE C[HI]EF (25A. Song with the lyric “We salute him, one and all”), A[ME][RI][CA]N [FL]AGS (58A. Patriotic displays), O[VA]L OFFICE (84A. White House tour highlight) and [CO][NV]ENTION GOER (115A. Political insider) are also on hand for the occasion, with J[OH][NJ]AY (66A. First U.S. chief justice), presiding in the center of the puzzle, to administer the OATH (79A. Inauguration recital) to the president-elect.
A few coat-tail entries to the foregoing -- COAST (78A. Source of late election returns, with “the”); CONG (41D. Workplace for Reps. and Dems.); 60D. Reagan-ERA; EVASION (103A. Debater’s ploy); 5D. POLLERS (Pre-election workers); SEP (128A. Citizenship Day mo.); TYLERS (65A. White House family of the 1840s).
How much of the crossword is just fill to achieve the majority is questionable, as much of it is made interesting just through the presence of the double-letter circle/squares.
Across: 1. Box in many dens; 5. Insignificant, PU[NY]; 8. Rap; 14. Second-largest city of Rhode Island [WA]R[WI]CK; 19. “O[NH]ER Majesty’s Secret Service”; 20. “This round’s O[NM]E”; 21. Set, as a gem, E[NC]HASE; 22. Art shop offering; 27. Most coll. Applicants; 28. Thrown for ALOSS; 30. Suitable for service; 31. Wyoming Senator Mike; 32. More petite; 34. Exhaustive; 38. By means of; 40. Drop a brick; 41. Green’s songwriting partner in old musicals, CO[MD]EN; 42. Reddish-brown horses; 52. See 45-Down; 53. Compass heading; 54. “The Great Ziegfeld” co-star, 1936; 55. Organic compounds; 59. Record holder?; 61. Alice’s cat in “Alice in Wonderland”; 62. Jazz Age figure; 63. Kid’s rejoinder; 68. Butterfly’s title; 74. Rock salt; 77. Like many campgrounds at night; 83. Seat of Ward County, N.D.; 86. Daly TV role; 87. Pilot, e.g.; 88. Oslo Accords grp.; 89. Zaragoza’s river; 97. James Joyce short story; 98. “Running on Empty” actress; 99. Nobel physicist Tamm, IG[OR]; 100. Youngster; 101. “d” preceder; 107. Over-the-shoulder wrap; 110. Kitchen tool with a tube; 112. Favored, with “on”, S[MI]LED; 114. Old German rocket, [VT]WO; 120. N.F.L. coach with the most career wins; 122. Plumbing, e.g., PI[PA]GE; 123. Some college donors, ALU[MN]AE; 124. “The Simpsons” character whose last name has 18 letters; 125. Lying, in a way; 126. “Family Ties” mom; 127. Behind; 129 Citi Field team, starting in 2009.
Down: 1. A goner; 2. Possible answer to “Where are you?”, I[NH]ERE; 3. Chapter’s partner; 4. First word of Montana’s motto; 6. Set adrift, U[NM]OOR; 7. Some Security Council vetoes [NY]ETS; 8. Snicker sound; 9. Member of an empire that ended in the 16th century, I[NC]A; 10. Dr. PH[IL]; 12. “Sesame Street” tune, with “The”; 13. Fountain in New Orleans; 14 Corduroy ridge, [WA]LE; 15. Quaker Oats product; 16. Outside’s opposite, [WI]T[HI]N; 17. At the home of: Fr.; 18. Diplomat Annan; 24. Laissez-FAIRE; 26. Devastation; 29. Pits; 33. Former big name in browsers, NETS[CA]PE; 35. Popular film Web site, briefly; I[MD]B; 36. Spanish monarch; 37. Schubert’s “Symphony No. 8 INB Minor”; 39. Put out; 42. Decline; 43. Like heaven’s vault, in a Shelley poem; 44. Song syllables; 45. With 52-Across, what angels pray for, S[MA]SH; 46. Mine part; 47. Opportune, TI[ME]LY; 48. Like some chambers, AT[RI]AL; 49. Sport; 50. Possible location for a back door; 51. Etymologist’s interest; 57. “Talk of the Nation airer; 58. Carnal subject, [FL]ESH; 59. Certain engine FA[NJ]ET; 64. “OMIO babbino caro” (Puccini aria); 66. Islamic spirit; 67. “[OH]TO be in England”: Browning; 69. Lab noise?; 70. Some exiles, DEFE[CT][OR]S; 71. Out; 72. Introduction to economics?; 73. Used as a dining surface; 76. Energized; 76. Tells it like it isn’t; 77. Arctic sight; 78. Country singer Black, CL[IN]T; 80. Yearn (for); 81. Newly sprouted trees; 82. Impatient sort; 84. Numbers?, OP[IA]TES; 85. Frankie with a falsetto, [VA]LLI; 91. Parts of forearms; 92. Where a torpedo may be made, [DE]LI; 93. Turner of note; 94. By way of: Abbr.; 95. Cheer; 96. “OMG!,” quaintly; 101. The Wizard of MENLO Park; 102. Io’s guardian, in Greek myth; 103. Not waiting for the parents’ blessing, say; 104. Bit of I.C.U. equipment, I[VT]UBE; 105. Barn young ‘un; 106. PBS policy; 107. Elbowroom, S[CO]PE; 108. Ear part, A[NV]IL; 109. Give back, RE[PA]Y; 111. West Virginia resource; 113. [MI]DAS touch; 116. Kicker’s aid; 117. Old Dodge, O[MN]I; 118. Suffix with Caesar; 119. Quick rule?; 121. Something often cured.
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