01.14.09 -- Heirs, et al

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Puzzle by Oliver Hill, edited by Will Shortz
Homophonic clues for the across entries of ALWAYS IN POETRY (19. E’er), MONARCH TO BE (32. Heir); BRONTES JANE (32. Eyre), and SNOBBISH MANNER (53A. Air) constitute today’s interrelated entries -- allow Eyre air e’er her heir errs!
GREAT WHITE (27D. Man-eating shark), MONOTONOUS (25D. Like a stereotypically bad professor), TERRA COTTA (10D. Flowerpot material) and UNKINDNESS (6D. Bad behavior) are the other long entries of this frustrating but fun crossword.
Seven-letter across entries -- 13. Ritz-CARLTON hotels; EXEGETE (15. Expert at interpreting a text), whoopee, a word for the professor!; FOODIES (58A. Zagat’s readers, informally); GRUYERE (60. Cheese for French onion soup), chew your soup!; IMITATE (59. Ape); MINERAL (18. Contents of a lode); TANLINE (61. It may be hidden under a shirt); THELARK (17. It’s “ascending” in a Vaughan Williams piece).
Five- and six-letter entries -- AMMAN (51D. Capital of Jordan), not currency; AXIOM (8D. “Lost time is never found again,” e.g.); COMBO (23D. Money-saving restaurant offer); DEMOS (30D. Autos for test-driving), not a locale in Greece; EBERT (49D. Critic Roger); GETSAT (16D. Subtly suggests); HORSY (5D. Equine); IBOOK (29D. Bygone Apple laptop); LAINE (52D. Singer Frankie) and LLANA (14D. Grassy plain); NOBODY (41D. Nonentity); NSYNC (21A. Justine Timberlake’s former group); OBIES (48D. Off-Broadway awards), I have one; OVERT (24D. Flagrant), yes, I said that!; RENEE (9D. Actress Zellweger); STAYS (4D. Holds back), no, I didn‘t!; SWALE (50A. Low-lying wetland); 46D. Isaac Bashevis Singer story “YENTL the Yeshiva Boy”.
The short stuff is playful -- ACID in a CAN, DAG and DAHL, EEL, ENE, ETNA, FGH ("fugetaboutit"!), the HES are a LAD and MEN, ISEE says JESS, a MAT and a MESA, NAIL, NCAA, ODD, OCTA and OTTO, REED, SET and STE, SHU, TAR, TEMP, TOO and TOM, along with YAKS (46A. Talks one‘s head off). O.K., I will -- COMO and COMBO combine to overlap OVO and OVERT -- OBOE and OBIES share an O, as do TOE and OTAY, EAU with HUE their U, and AWE and OWE a W.
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Remaining clues -- 1. “That’s __ …”; 4. Moo ___ pork; 7. You don’t want it beaten out o f you; 10. A minimus is the smallest one; 22. Badlands sight; 23. “___ te llamas?” (Spanish 101 question); 26. Hammarskjold of the U.N.; 28. Inspiration for Hunter S. Thompson; 31. Egg: Prefix; 36. Dudes; 37. Blow away; 38. La mer, e.g.; 39. Uncle of fiction; 43. “Winnie the Pooh and Tigger ___”; 44. “Beetle Bailey” dog; 45. Not budging; 46. Talks one’s head off; 47. Instrument you blow into; 62. “___ Mine” (1957 hit by the Platters); 63. Sault ___ Marie; 64. Cincinnati-to-New York dir.; 65. Pip at the start of “Great Expectations,” e.g. Down: 1. Prefix with -gon; 2. Actress Arlene; 3. Chose, as lots; 7. Sub at the office; 11. Buckwheat’s affirmative; 12. Electric ___; 20. Elite Eight org.; 32. Hair lacking care; 33. Be in the red; 34. Fire; 35. Orange or plum; 42. Boxer Willard defeated by Jack Dempsey for the world heavyweight title; 53. Peeved; 54. “Gocha”; 55. Ace; 56. Highest European volcano; 57. One of two in a 47-Across; 58. Alphabet trio.

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