Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Puzzle by Tim Wescott, edited by Will Shortz
Y E S W E C A N in a circle of circled squares, along with PRESIDENT OBAMA (52A. Oath of office taker on 1/20/09); LEADER OF AMERICA (3D. 52-Across, starting 1/20/09); AUDACITY OF HOPE (20A. Book by 52-Across, with “The”); CAMPAIGN RIVALRY (11D. 52-Across had one with John McCain); 39A. OVAL office, BAR (41A. 52-Across once passed it, with “the”); IN TURN (2D. Through regular order of succession); DAIS (16A. Setting for an inaugural address); ILL (37D. Home state of 52-Across: Abbr.); JOE (29D. With 36-Across, 52-Across’s number two); BIDEN (36A. See 29-Down); and STAR (17A. Representation of a state on the U.S. flag) constitute the timely interrelated entries of this January 20th of 2009 crossword puzzle -- a scoop for the administration of Will Shortz, forcing thousands of crossword solvers to enter PRESIDENT OBAMA before it has become an actuality!
The Crossword Blog of The New York Times states it best -- “The W passes into history and the new O gets represented by a circle of circles in the center of today’s grid.” For the full commentary -- HERE.
The grand achievement of the puzzle leaves the following clues and their entries in service to the main event:
Across: 1. Pickle flavoring; 5. Sheetful of cookies; 10. Eight: Prefix; 14. “The ONEI Love” (hit by 42-Across); 15. Nasty virus; 18. Silents actress Normand; 19. Jane Austen novel; 23. Test for coll. Seniors; 24. Opposite SSW; 27. Dresses like a justice; 29. Synagogue-goer; 30. It’s not free of charge; 31. Hobbit’s enemy; 32. “The Bells” poet; 33. Frozen waffle brand; 34. Crash site?; 38. Winter forecast; 40. Hobbit’s friend; 42. Rock band fronted by Michael Stipe; 43. Cartoon collectible; 44. Senses; 48. You can dig it; 50. “NOW what?”; 51. Vitner’s container; 56. Not of the cloth; 57. May 8, 1945; 58. “Oh, woe!”; 59. QB Michael; 60. Upper echelon; 61. ERLE Stanley Gardner; 62. Actress Lupino and others; 63. Winter forecast; 64. Bakery loaves.
Down: 1. Medicinal amount; 4. Old Italian money; 5. Valentine candy message; 6. Lets up; 7. Sir TOBY Belch of “Twelfth Night”; 8. Nile queen, informally; 9. Not fully noticed; 10. Ancient Greek theater; 13. Solid ASA rock; 21. “Mad Money” network; 22. Chop; 26. Sufficient, once; 28. Transmitted by speech; 32. Suffix for many a computer attachment; 33. Biblical birthright seller; 34. Variety; 35. Spent too much (for); 36. 1960s hairdos; 41. Kind of bomber; 43. What secondary recipients of e-mails get; 44. Natural; 45. “Maybe later”; 46. “Hot” food; 47. Equilibria; 49. Parts of bottles; 53. Big name in computers; 54. Actress Sedgwick; 55. 1930s boxing champ Max; 56. This clue’s number in Roman numerals.
In the words of a final timely entry -- TIME TO GO (12D. Cry just before leaving)!
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