01.03.09 -- SIN, et cetera

William Blake, Satan, Sin and Death, 1808.
Saturday, January 3, 2009
Puzzle by Peter Wentz, edited by Will Shortz
Across: 1. Brewer Joseph SCHLITZ; 8. “America This Morning” outfit, ABCNEWS; 15. “Comin’ through loud and clear”, IHEARYA; 16. Region south of Silesia, MORAVIA; 17. Database search option, KEYWORD; 18. Curt comment to an ogler, YOUMIND; 19. Border line?, HEM; 20. Hard bop, e.g., NEOJAZZ; 22. Surpassed, LED; 23. Clothing store bargain fodder: Abbr., IRRS; 25. Dwindle, as support, ERODE; 26. Greek goddess of youth, HEBE; 27. Move stealthily; SIDLE; 29. Record letters, AKA; 30. Like the Topoxte archaeological site, MAYAN; 31. Setting for Joshua trees, MOJAVE; 33. Permits, EMPOWERS; 35. Mistress of Charles II, NELL; 37. Can, SACK; 38. Where things get checked, COATROOM; 42. Passed pleasantly, WHILED; 46. No place for a big rig, ALLEY; 47. The following: Abbr., SEQ; 49. Current terminus, ANODE; 50. Mixture, MELD; 51. Magellan visited it, VENUS; 53. Participated in a pool, say, SWAM; 54. Suffix that may appear in a record, EST; 55. Language of central Mexico, NAHUATL; 57. About 20 pinches: Abbr., TSP; 58. Noted Venetian army general, OTHELLO; 60. People who may be removed, COUSINS; 62. Potential cause of a wrongful conviction, FRAMEUP; 63. Singer of the 1974 hit “I’ve Got the Music in Me”, KIKIDEE; 64. Made with 39-Down, maybe, FATFREE; 65. Stage production, SCENERY.
Down: 1. It rejects the cast system and idolatry, SIKHISM; 2. English toast, CHEERIO; 3. 1993 hit for the R&B duo Zhan√©, HEYMRDJ; 4. Counselor’s area, LAW; 5. Hard stuff, IRON; 6. David who caught a key pass in the 2008 Super Bowl, TYREE; 7. “Butterfly” star, 1981, ZADORA; 8. 2005 Best Supporting Actress nominee for “Junebug”, AMYADAMS; 9. Hard stuff, BOOZE; 10. Cristiano symbol, CRUZ; 11. 1986-93 war-themed Marvel Comics series, with “The”, NAM; 12. Supposed bringer of bad luck, EVILEYE; 13. Bouquet setting, WINEBAR; 14. Gets down, SADDENS; 21. Cause for winking, JOKE; 24. Not on the level, SLANTED; 26. “Treasure Island” hero, HAWKINS; 28. EVERY other; 30, Latte variety, MOCHA; 32. “Eldorado” grp., ELO; 34. Nail site, PAW; 36. Become despondent, LOSEHOPE; 39. Ingredient in some chips, OLESTRA; 40. Something great, informally, ALLTHAT; 41. See 51-Down, MENU; 43. When some sea creatures are exposed, LOWTIDE; 44. Santa Claus player in a 2003 comedy, EDASNER; 45. “Honey, I just forgot to duck” speaker, DEMPSEY; 48. They treat people badly, QUACKS; 51. With 41-Down, cheap fast-food offerings, VALUE; 52. Immovable type, STOIC; 55. Giant, e.g., briefly, NLER; 56. Patron saint of surgeons, LUKE; 59. Energy expressed in volts: Abbr., EMF; 61. You might pay for it later, SIN.
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