04.02.09 -- G to X

April 2, 2009
Puzzle by
Brendan Emmett Quigley, edited by Will Shortz
The Wednesday, April 1st Jeopardy! episode featured Will Shortz and today’s Thursday TV-tie-in New York Times puzzle with five of the seven following interrelated entries -- GARYGYGAX (17A. Co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons); GRANDPRIX (30A. French auto race); GORETEX (39A. Trademarked brand of waterproof fabric); GAGREFLEX (47A. Palate-raising response); GUMMOMARX (61A. Vaudeville brother born Milton); GASOLINETAX (11D. Levy at a BP or 69-Across station); GENERATIONX (24D. Thirtysomethings) -- the idea, while not possessing a solidified tie as in the crossword’s television appearance, is hinted at by 56D. “I’ll take ‘The New York Times Crossword Puzzle’ for $200, ALEX”. Well, then of course, there’s 59-Across -- Weird Al Yankovic’s “I LOST on Jeopardy”.
As explained on the
Jeopardy! program, the tie for the interrelated entries is the progression of film ratings from G to X (both letters displayed at the outset); however, the puzzle itself gives little clue as to same, and for solvers who did not watch the program, it appears there are just seven entries at the end of the solution beginning with G and ending with X. Incidentally, this is the second “made-for-television” crossword in the New York Times this past year, the other being Sunday, November 16, 2008.
The uncredited supporting cast has a plethora of short stuff including three-letter entries of ABP, BOX, DRE, EVA and UVA, EKE and UKE, ELO, GAT, JEW, JUG, NYM, ONE, PIX and POX, RDA, RIO, TIN and TEN and TER, WAR, WSJ,
Mid-size clues and entries possessing more than a few oddities -- ABEAM (46D. Crosswise to a ship’s keel) and the rhyming AKEEM (67A. Eddie Murphy’s role in “Coming to America”); AGARN (34D. “F Troop” corporal); ALEKEG (23D. Pub container);
BANDO (15A. Railroad between Illinois and Atlantic avenues); CHIRP (4A. Happy sound); COMET (22D. Streaker seen at night); ENDMEN (49D. Minstrel show figures); EPOXY (28D. Sticker?); EXXON (69A. BP competitor); GETSTO (48D. Irritates); HAYING (5D. Harvesting for fodder); INANER (10D. More ridiculous); INGEAR (6D. Ready to roll); JASON (19A. N.B.A. star point guard Kidd); MENSA (33A. Its gatherings are smart things to attend); MOSES (37D. Michelangelo sculpture on a biblical subject); PATELLA (26D. Femur neighbor); SNARE (16A. Bag); TENSE (70A. Ex-lax?); VENTI (66A. Starbucks size); WIGGY (9A. Crazy excited); XGAMES (50D. Annual event that includes motocross); XYLENE (32D. Compound used in aviation fuel); YATES (45A. “Revolutionary Road” novelist Richard); YOYOS (18D. Dingbats).
One man‘s G is another man‘s X!
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Remaining clues --Across: 1. Yeshiva student; 14. The Cavaliers of the N.C.A.A.; 20. Award since 1956; 21. Holiday servings; 22. Sly; 25. Is off guard; 28. Fish whose skin is sometimes used for leather; 35. Beginner: Var.; 36. N.L. team, on scoreboards; 38. Squeeze (out); 42. Grp. With the 1979 hit “Don’t Bring Me Down”; 43. Rx specification; 44. Indigo dye source; 51. Scourge; 52. Sawbuck; 53. Snake’s bioweapon; 54. Splitsville parties; 55. Walk, e.g.; 57. Raw material?; 68. Fotos; 71. Cuff. Down: 1. Water holder; 2. Actress Mendes; 3. Drug ___, 4. Old N.Y.C. club said to be the birthplace of punk; 7. Vitamin abbr.; 8. Chicken ___, 9. Financial daily, in brief; 12. Part of an old Royal Navy ration; 13. Urges; 27. Lather; 31. “Forgot About ___” (2000 Grammy-winning rap song); 40. Billy Martin, for the Yankees; 41. Musical phrase; 55. Say “Uncle!”; 58. It may need a big jacket; 60. Word before ear or horn; 61. Bit of “hardware”; 62. HI-strung instrument?; 63. Police radio message: Abbr.; 64. “Road to ___” (1947 flick); 65. Turkey, to a bowler.

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