04.24.09 -- Seriously!

Miss Prissy, Looney Tunes
Friday, April 24, 2009
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz
Well, it’s Friday and time to finish up the week -- here’s today’s list. I wish I had something more to say!
Eight-letters -- ACQUILINE (2D. Hooked, as a nose); ADRENALS (33D. They’re located above the kidneys); ENOLA GAY (28A. Carrier of very destructive cargo); FIND A WAY (49A. Succeed somehow); GUANACOS (3D. Residents of dry, open country in South America); LAST YEAR (54A. Not too long ago); ONE ALARM (16A. Like a relatively minor fire); ON THE LAM (18A. Running); REPAINTS (34D. Does some home maintenance); SUSAN DEY (37A. “L.A. Law” Golden Globe winner); SYMPATHY (35D. What some cards express); T SQUARE (1D. Drafting aids); U C IRVINE (52A. The Anteaters of the Big West Conf.); ZIMBABWE (7A. Its flag features an image of a stone-carved bird).
Seven -- BIG EARS (32A. Pair of elephants?); SESSION (31A. One may be held in court); STRAYER (37D. Lost soul); ZOOLOGY (7D. Alfred Kinsey’s field).
Six -- BALTIC (12D. Like Old Prussian); 14D. Daniel Decatur EMMETT, minstrel who wrote “Dixie”; EROICA (39D. It was first publicly performed in Vienna in 1805); HAVANA (41D. Plaza de la Revolución locale); INNING (8D. It has top and bottom parts); JOYFUL (38D. Transported); PRISSY (55A. Too punctilious); QUAINT (17A. Like olde shoppes); SQUATS (15A. Weightlifting set); TAGGED (1A. Now out … or “it”); TENANT (51A. Studio occupant, say); TENNIS (40D. Racketeer’s pastime?); WEALTH (53A. What wisdom outweighs, according to Sophocles); WRAITH (13D. Spirit).
Five -- BUTTE (32D. Home of the World Museum of Mining); 23A. ECONO-Car; ERGOT (23D. Plant problem); GAILY (26D. In a 38-Down way); GAITS (4D. Ways to go); GREGG (28A. Texas county named for a Civil War general, with its seat in Longview); HTTPS (41A. U.R.L. opener indicating an additional layer of encryption); JETTY (38A. Reducer of pier pressure?); LSATS (29D. Hurdles for future D.A.’s); MANIA (48A. Way up state); METOO (9D. “Join the club”); NOVAE (47A. Phenomena associated with some dwarfs); OLIOS (20A. Jambalayas); OCEAN (20D. Big drink); UINTA (19A. Kings Peak’s range); WAKEN (24D. Reanimate); WARTY (44A. Toadlike); WISPY (30D. Not solid); WOWIE (44D. “Unbelievable!”); YACHT (27A. Millionaire’s plaything); YOGAS (27D. Gym classes).
Short stuff -- ALAS, ALE and ALT, BAHS, DRT and DST, ETNA, LEAP, MEER, NAVY, ORES, Rapper RIC-A-Che (Just turn it off when you‘ve had enough), RPM, TIE, TWP, WITT, WOK, YON.
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