04.03.09 -- Puzzle People!

At the Moulin Rouge 1892, Toulouse-Lautrec
April 3, 2009
Puzzle by
John Farmer, edited by Will Shortz
T.G.I.F.! and we’ve a puzzle packed with people --
BARABBAS (9D. 1961 Anthony Quinn title role); BERTOLT (22D. Dramatist Brecht); CABARETS (55A. Subjects of some Toulouse-Lautrec paintings); CHIANG (20D. Leader with Roosevelt and Churchill at the Cairo Conference, 1943); DE LILLO (41A. “Falling Man” novelist Don); DRU (28D. “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” co-star, 1949); ELI WALLACH (11D. Hollywood star whose memoir was titled “The Good, the Bad, and Me); 8D. Black ELK (Lakota visionary); FAUX HAWK (16A. Hairstyle popularized by David Beckham); FOE (49A. Moriarty, to Holmes); 45D. JOSEF K., Kafka’s protagonist in “The Trial”; MONTESSORI (26D. Education pioneer Maria); 48A. “Win a Date With TAD Hamilton!” (2004 film); PETE (50D. Jim’s partner on “Adam 12”); SELA (29A. Emmy award-winning Ward); TORRE (13D. 1971 N.L.M.V.P. who was later twice A.L. Manager of the Year).
Their activities (and the like) begin with a request to
BEAR THE BLAME (22A. Own responsibility); JUST THIS ONCE (45A. “I won’t ask again”) and continue on with an OBSTACLE (1A. Something to be negotiated) ON PATROL (14A. Looking for trouble?), and AT HEEL (5D. Close behind) the action continues with I’LL GET IT (58A. Ringing response?); SOON AS (53A. When, colloquially); SAIL TO (15A. Visit on an ocean cruise, say); SLEEPERS (60A. Some yo-yo tricks); and a SPIT TAKE (34D. Surprise shower?).
On the menu from the
STEAM TABLE (12D. Caterer’s setup for a hot buffet) starting with SOUP DU JOUR (25D. Restaurant special); along with OJS (47A. Harvey Wallbanger mixers briefly); a little LETTUCE (24D. Head on a plate?) and 59A. Pomme FRITE; but no entrée!
Miscellany -- ARTIER (17A. Affected to a greater degree); ATLAS (31A. World view?); CRAVATS (6D. Attire worn with frock coats); ENNOBLE (39D. Honor); EUREKA (57A. Electrolux brand);
EYELID (30D. Something most fish lack); ICE AGE (44D. Wintry stretch); LHASA (42D. Setting for Martin Scorsese’s “Kundun”); LOWER (7D. Dim); NICHE (43A. Métier); OF ALL (46D. Without exception); OIL BELT (27A. It has energy in reserve); RUNTS (33A. Little ones); SAHEL (15D. Savanna region stretching from Senegal to Chad; SMELT (25A. Refine); STABS (36A. Lances); TOLEDOS (23D. Old Spanish swords), an item unlisted HERE, a trove for crossword swords; and UP TOP (37A. Having a good vantage point).
Leftovers --
9A. “BLEST Be the Tie That Binds” (Christian hymn); SIN (18A. With 4-Down, smoker’s fee) TAX (4D. See 18-Across); BNAI, CHA, CIS, DOOR, EDGE, EVE (19A. Walpurgis Night vis-à-vis May Day), ISTS, LIT, NET, OOFS, REP, SPUN, STIR, SSA, TAD, UCLA, WAR, YEN (35A. Aching).
Have a great weekend!
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