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Sunday, April 19, 2009
EXTRA! EXTRA!, Puzzle by Will Nediger edited by Will Shortz
There was an EXTRA EXTRA crossword on February 19th of this year, and this past Thursday, an EXTRA CT -- today, it's an EXTRA OT. More noteworthy is the crossword of August 31, 2008, titled EXTRA PLAY.
In the EXTRA PLAY crossword, adding OT (Over Time, e.g., Extra Play) to say it ain't so, all the same, crystal ball, big business, school mark, lo and behold, Bard of Avon, and an act of God, produced entries of SAY IT AINT SOOT, ALLOT THE SAME, CRYSTAL BALLOT, BIGOT BUSINESS, SCHOOL MARMOT, LOOT AND BEHOLD, BARDOT OF AVON, AN ACT OF GODOT, with justifying clues.
Today's crossword again adds OT -- this time it changes wrecking ball, split screen, Hello Dolly!, John Maynard Keynes, royal flush, Black Forest and Trout Quintet into WRECKING BALLOT (22A. Spoiling one's vote?); SPOTLIT SCREEN (32A. Computer monitor at the center of attention?); OTHELLO DOLLY (47A. Child's toy in the shape of a Shakespeare character?); JOHN MAYNARD KEYNOTES (64A. Headline about an economics conference); ROYAL FLU SHOT (84A. Booster for a king?); BLACK FOOTREST (7A. Dark ottoman?); and TROT OUT QUINTET (109A. Put five musicians on display?).
It appears that puzzledom has not run out of overtime!
Other across: 1. John or George; 7. Space ball; 10. Stratego piece; 13. It's near Mount Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak; 18. 2000 Santana hit; 20. "The Oblong Box" writer; 21. Dumbfounds; 24. Rifle stands; 25. Often-killed "South Park" character; 26. Stroke, maybe; 27. Injection deliverer; 28. Place for R&R; 31. Stadium cry; 35. Private response?; 37. Vardalos of"My Big Fat Greek Wedding"; 38. Northwest Indian; 39. Golden Hind captain; 40. PULL A fast one; 42. Actor WIL Wheaton; 43. Australian band with the 1008 #1 album "Black Ice", ACDC; 50. The Rock; 53. Scintilla; 54. Horror film director ELI Roth; 55. Strait-laced; 57. Red Roof rival; 58. Totaled; 61. Transgress; 62. Punch holes in, e.g.; 63. " ...NOR any drop to drink": Coleridge; 69. One not missing a beat?; 70. Overrule; 71. Bovary's title: Abbr.; 72. Like the ocean; 73. Pushkin title character, ONEGIN; 75. Retirement plan name; 77. Supermodel, GIA Carangi; 78 North Carolina county ASHE; 82. Man of steel?, CARNEGIE; 87. Pronto; 88. Bearded beast; 90. Word with shooting or shopping; 91. Opposite of o'er; 92. Unloaded on; 95. Feed on; 96. Filmdom's RIDLEY Scott; 102. Kanga's kid; 103. 90-degree turn; 104. Answer; 105. 911 responder; 106. Musical repetition mark; 108. Oxygen-needing organism; 115. Like some decals; 116. Brooder; 117. Ordain; 118. Part of a big 1997 merger; 119. Like most primes; 120. 15%, maybe; 121. Squiffed.
Down: 1. Z3 maker; 2. Prominent donkey feature; 3. Word with you; 4. "60 Minutes" sound; 5. The Aare flows into it; 6 Key of Dvorak's "New World" Symphony; 7. Liberal party?; 8. Eve's origin; 9. Sound from the fold; 10. Food fight noises; 11. Welfare act of old; 12. "But then again ..."; 13. Tarnish; 14. Ungulate with a long snout; 15. Ultraviolet blocker; 16. Bit of cuneiform; 17. Ruhr Valley city; 19. 52 settimane; 21. Gaping hole; 23. London facilities; 27. Sauce maker?; 28. Max von SYDOW; 29. City on the Swan River; 30. Tokyo brew; 32. Titan's home; 33. Gloomy atmospheres; 34. Epic that includes the Teichoscopia; 36. "S.N.L." segment; 37. Reason for an R rating; 40. Medieval weapon; 41. Superheroes often have them; 43. Dough dispenser; 44. Origami figure; 45. Carpenter's grooves; 46. Autocrat; 48. Not an independent thinker, or HERE; 49. Play area; 51. Heady?; 52. Hammerin' Hank; 56. Rubs the wrong way; 59 Hall of fame; 60. "This one's ON ME; 62. Bill Clinton's autobiography; 64. Pop's JONAS Brothers, 64,514,959 views HERE (SOS); 65. "Nixon in China" for one, a clip HERE; 66. Love, to a Latino; 67. Aerie hatchling; 68. Acted the coquette; 69. Chrewed stimulant; 74. Econ. indicator; 75. Sport with a bamboo sword, or HERE, or painfully HERE; 76. Pumps up; 79. Fossil source; 80. Monopoly acquisition; 81. Kind of alcohol; 83. Part of an inuit village; 85. "I smell A RAT"; 86. Lincoln, for one; 89. Articulated; 92. Where a V.I.P. may sit; 93. In many cases; 94. Julia ORMOND of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"; 96. Miscreants; 97. Computer's center, informally; 98. Circumspect; 98. Stage part; 100. Cell mate?; 101. Facetious suffix with most; 102. Not optional: Abbr.; 106. Algorithm part; 107. Not fooled by; 109. Vietnam's Le Duc THO; 110. Make a selection; 111. William Tell's canton; 112. 10th-anniversary gift; 113. Suffix with 81-Down; 114. J.F.K. aide TED Sorensen.
S'long, I'm going into OT!
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