04.15.09 -- Hungry?

April 15, 2009
Puzzle by Michael Vuolo, edited by Will Shortz
GO UNDER THE KNIFE (17A. Have surgery), BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON IN ONE’S MOUTH (24A. With 37- and 50-Across, privileged) and FORK IT OVER BUDDY (60A.
“Gimme!”) are this Wednesday puzzle’s three interrelated eating utensil idiomatic entries. Is that a mouthful?
For finger food, there’s a SIDE ORDER (35D. Fries, often), BEERS (24D. They may come in a round) and a KIWI (19D. Fuzzy fruit). PANDAS (4A. San Diego Zoo attractions) chew on pawfuls of bamboo; however, MRED (58D.
Talking horse of old TV) and PODS (4D. Some marine herds); will need do with just LIPS (38D. They may be licked or smacked). Leftover long entries are GLOBALISM (2D. Doctrine that de-emphasizes regional interests), SNAPPED TO (36D. Began paying attention) and SOUL MUSIC (3D. Barry White’s genre).
Mid-size entries -- BLUE ICE (26A. Colorful glacier layer); COATES (47D. Actress Phyllis of
“I Was a Teenage Frankenstein”); CONCEPT (48A. Designer’s staring point); 65. ELYSEE Palace, French presidential residence; OBOIST (15A. “Peter and the Wolf” musician); STEADY (68A. Sure); sterna (9d. Chest protectors).
Five-letter -- ASHER (8D. One of the 12 tribes of Israel); BEERS (24D. They may come in a round); BLAST (20A. Great time); DITTO (7D. “Likewise”); ENRON (52D. Bankrupt company in 2002 headlines); EPOCH (33D. Pleistocene, e.g.); FIFTH (12D. It may be taken in court with “the“); FRIST (11D. Bill passed many times on the Hill formerly); MOORE (58A
.“Bowling for Columbine” documentarian); NAOMI (51D. Feminist Wolf who wrote “The Beauty Myth”); STONE (42A. Sturdy building material); 13D. Pop/R&B singer TEENA Marie; TEVYE (54D. Milkman of musical fame); UBOLT (53D. Curved fastener).
Short stuff -- ABET, AIR, AMBI and AMOI, ASS, BABE, CAMP, CBS, CHOU, CIE, DAS, ELO, ERIE, ETA, FAN (56A. Geisha‘s accessory), HOPE, INV, KIT, LILT, MCI, MEG and MGS, NOR, OBEY, OEN, PAC, PEN, PFFT, ROY, SIS (along with 31A clued as Family girl), STE and STN, TERI, and
ONO clued as “Vas ___ Vas” (former derivative Spanish-language game show) instead of Yoko --YAY (63D. “That’s great news!”).
I‘d make a joke about 50-Down, but that would be just OFFAL (Butcher‘s discards)!
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. Booker T.’s bandmates in ‘60s R&B; 10. [fizzle]; 14. “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” grp.; 16. View from Buffalo; 21. Actress Polo of “Meet the Parents”; 22. RR stop; 23. ___ David; 29. Bubble contents; 34. Dolt; 41. Co. acquired by Verizon in 2006; 55. “Keep ___ alive!”; 57. Diamond legend, with “the”; 64. Mine, in Marseille; 66. Seventh in a series of 24; 67. It may be caught in a trap; 69. Rogers who was elected twice to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Down: 1. Sister in “Little Women”; 5. Help in a bad way; 6. ___ ‘easter; 10. Slammer; 18. Kitty’s pickup point; 23. “Numb3rs” network; 25. Modern locale of ancient Persepolis; 27. Accts. Payable receipt; 28. French bus. Firm; 32. Wiunter Minn. Hrs.; 40. Wine: Prefix; 44. Genevieve, e.g.: Abbr.; 46. Prefix with dextrous; 49. Comrade of Mao; 59. Mind; 61. Hobbyist’s purchase; 62. Spanish “that”.

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