04.17.09 -- Out of This World

April 17, 2009
Puzzle by Corey Rubin, edited by Will Shortz
This other-worldly crossword is laden with relatively unknown entries, shrouded in dark clues, holoalphabetic, and just plain mean! Enjoy!
Across: 1. Apologies, in Apulia, SCUSE; 6. Slow-smoked Southern grub, TEXASBBQ; 14. Some nest sites, EAVES; 15. "No, no, this one's on me", IVEGOTYOU; 16. Many rappers' personas, THUGS; 17. Read rights to, as a perp, MIRANDIZE; 18. Work in a gallery, OIL; 19. One way to turn, ONADIME; 21. Parisian possessive, TES; 22. Something Mr. Olympia lacks, FLAB; 24. Play AROLE; 25. Rec rm. locale often, BSMT; 26. French kings' emblem, FLEURDELYS; 28. Picnic places, LEAS; 29. Dark times abroad, NUITS; 30. Hot pot spot, KILN; 31. Where many lines are dropped, PIERS; 32. Appt. book headings, MTWTF; 34. It can be cracked, DOOR; 35. Frijoles go-with, ARROZ; 36. Like lumber in a mill, SAWN; 37. Information, slangily, FOURONEONE; 42. Side for passage, AYES; 43. Split up, ENDIT; 44. Key of Mahler's Symphony No. 1: Abbr., DMAJ; 45. "Fresh Air" airer, NPR; 46. Consdering, with "of", INLIGHT; 48. Letters in some church names, AME; 49. Handles, DEALSWITH; 51. Puritan ETHIC; 53. Our neighbor's nickname, with "the", REDPLANET; 54. Not inadvertent, MEANT; 55. On the lookout, OPENEYED; 56. Fast results?, PANGS.
Down: 1. Depart, SETOFF; 21. John Wayne title marshal of 1973 CAHILL; 3. Anatomical hangers, UVULAE; 4. Div., SEG; 5. Petrol brand, ESSO; 6. Stars of "90210," e.g., TVIDOLS; 7. How something might be familiar, EERILY; 8. Event held each summer and winter, XGAMES; 9. Crack, AONE; 10. Not an upgrade: Abbr., STD; 11. Per se, BYITSELF; 12 Montana State University setting, BOZEMAN; 13. Story lines of Indiana Jones films, QUESTS; 15. Near Eastern hospices, IMARETS; 20. Depths of despair, NADIR; 23 Podiatrists concerns, BUNIONS; 25. Overwhelmed and destroyed, BLITZED; 27. Monday morning quarterback, maybe, RUER; 30. "Lost" character Jin-Soo KWON; 31 Doca-Cola product, POWERADE; 32. The perfect match, for some, MRRIGHT; 33. Loyalty, TROTH; 34. Crack of dawn, old-style, DAYPEEP; 35. Like some classes and books, AUDITED; 36. Painter Botticelli, SANDRO; 37. Park since 1912, FENWAY; 38. How some people shop, ONLINE; 39. Warren Buffett, e.g., OMAHAN; 40. Kind of ceremony, NAMING; 41. Sends packing, EJECTS; 46. Singapore, for one, ISLE; 47. Certain sub, TEMP; 50. Hosp. employee, LPN; 52. Event at which some people wear gloves, TEA.
A crazy little crossword from out of this world!
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cornbread hell said...

a - cool crossword video.

b - cool two pack of tupac, but rappers weren't always THUGS. check these 2 videos out. even if you don't really like rap... http://www.rapradar.com/focus/rr-exclusive-2020-hip-hop-special-from-1981.html

c - in what world does ARROZ = pollo? i mean, chicken and rice is very nice, but i'm just sayin'...

d - thanks again for the great xword write-up.