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Saturday, April 18, 2009
Puzzle by Byron Walden, edited by Will Shortz
If I dig up an ARTICLE (57-Across offering) on WIKIPEDIA (57A. Its symbol is a globe composed of jigsaw puzzle pieces), I just link it to the word -- Oh yeah, I could paraphrase the thing and make it sound like I know something about everything beyond the norm; however, I think a link is far more efficient and informative, plus it spares the reader any etymological tomfoolery and droolery.
This Saturday stumper features three 15-letter entries -- GROUND SQUIRRELS (17A. Marmots and prairie dogs) and SCARLET TANAGERS (54A. Cardinal relatives) span the crossword across, crossing LE QUARTIER LATIN (8D. Home of la Sorbonne).
Nine-letter entries -- ESPERANTO (29A. The 1965 William Shatner film “Incubus” is in it); FISHBOWLS (1A. They lack private parts); GENUINELY (33A. From the heart); IN TOO DEEP (15A. Unable to get out of a bad situation); ONE PARENT (59A. Like some families); ON THE TAKE (31D. Corrupt, in a way); SETTLED UP (38A. Squared); TIT FOR TAT (50A. Mechanical trade); TURNS ONTO (20A. Gets acquainted with something good); WESTERN U S (7D. Where M.S.T. and P.S.T. can be found).
Mid-sized -- ASSORTS (14D. Divides by type); AVENGER (12D. Ant-Man, Iron Man, Wasp or Thor, in Marvel Comics); BELTRAN (13D. 1999 A.L. Rookie of the Year Carlos); 39D. Little DIOMEDE, island in the Bering Strait; FIG TREE (1D. Jesus cursed one in Matthew 21); INROADS (2D. Headway); PRESTO (42A. Quickly); PULLS AT (41D. Tries to loosen); RESTAGE (37D. Show, as past events); SPITSAT (35D. Shows contempt for); STOPGAP (3D. Improvised); 26A. THREAT level.
Five-letter -- ABABA (10A. Part of a capital’s name meaning “flower”); 56A. Red ALGAE; AT TWO (48D. When four bells ring on the middle watch); BREST (25D. French naval base in heavy W.W. II fighting); CAMEL (53A. Source of Caravane cheese); EARNS (32A. Generates returns); GALEN (47A. Early advocate of bloodletting); 27D. Oregon and Idaho’s HELLS Canyon; HOUSE (4D. Fraternity, e.g.); JEANS (22A. Wranglers, e.g.); PAGER (49D. It may give you a buzz); ROVES (16A. Is far from a homebody); SARIS (35A. They may be thrown over the shoulder); SPURN (9D. Jilt); TEENS (58A. World War I period); TOPSY (19A. “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” girl).
Short stuff -- The paired CAPA and OLES (Corrida cloak and sound), along with ITS and ODD (“Curious…”), ARRS, BONY, BORO and BURR, EDA, EGIS, ETON, FRAN (51D. Memorable 1996 hurricane along the Eastern Seaboard) , ISU, JUAN, NIP, OGRE, RAGE and RAYE, RHOS, and the amusingly clued...
GRR (23A. Spot announcement?)!
...about that dog!
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